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check out our online cultural programme:

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In winter semester 21-22 we offer the following courses (online):


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The Mediothek is a self-learning centre open for all students and staff at TH Wildau (temporarily closed)

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We offer optional language courses* every semester to all students and staff of the TH Wildau as well as to external participants:


A way to improve your language skills quickly and effectively is practicing with a native speaker. Therefore, we offer every semester a language tandem program where we help the participants to find a matching language partner.


*Please note: Some language courses might require the payment of a fee.

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In order to provide university members with comprehensive further training for an international university/working life, the Centre for International Affairs along with Personnel Development have jointly developed a certificate programme for international competencies, starting in winter semester 2020/2021.

The certificate programme is primarily aimed at employees of TH Wildau but is in principle open to all interested members of the university.

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Study support for international students. More information:

* Flyer

* College International Website