Your career path to professorship
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Your career path to professorship

Find out more about the career profile of professorship at a Technical University of Applied Sciences and your individual entry opportunities.

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UAS-professorship: a career path with unlimited opportunities

Thank you for your interest in a professorship at TH Wildau!

A professorship at a Technical University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is a rewarding position with great prospects, offering you maximum creative freedom and exciting challenges on a daily basis.

What makes an UAS-professorship so special?Open areaClose area

UAS are a specific type of university common in the German-speaking countries. In comparison to regular universities, research at the UAS is particularly practice-oriented. Professors cooperate closely with partners from industry and business to find solutions to urgent application-related questions. Unfortunately, the UAS type of university is still little known outside of German-speaking countries, which is why only few international applications arrive for advertised professorships. Yet there are many international candidates who are qualified for a career as a UAS-professor.

As a professor at TH Wildau, you can...

  • investigate cutting-edge research issues in research projects and in close cooperation with business and industry.
  • pass on your extensive practical and theoretical knowledge to your students.
  • enjoy a great deal of creative freedom with regard to the content and implementation of your research and teaching activities.
  • benefit from safe, attractive working conditions and a supportive environment at our family-friendly and health-conscious university.

Breaking new ground

The path to a UAS-professorship is not predetermined. There are many different ways to reach your goal. Your sound professional and academic experience is valued here! And you can gain missing qualifications in a targeted manner.

The Career Centre for Professorial Development will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information and to support you on your way to a UAS-professorship.

Formal requirements for appointmentOpen areaClose area

The requirements for an appointment to a Technical University of Applied Sciences are different from those for an appointment to a regular university.

An essential requirement for appointment is a special aptitude for scientific work, which is usually demonstrated with a PhD. Your scientific publications and your research experience in the context of (international) projects also have a positive impact here.

The second requirement is sufficient practical work experience. Three years of professional experience are expected, two years of which must be outside of the university sector.

A third requirement is pedagogical aptitude, which you can demonstrate through teaching experience in a variety of contexts.

You are interested in a UAS-professorship, but do not meet all of the requirements? The Career Centre for Professorial Development is currently developing support services for targeted qualification for professorships.

Find out more about our qualification offers!

How to apply for a professorship at TH WildauOpen areaClose area

If you would like to apply for an open professorship at TH Wildau, please submit the following application documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • List of scientific publications
  • Diplomas, certificates, attestations of teaching experience and additional qualifications

Appointment procedureOpen areaClose area

After the expiration of the application deadline an appointment committee is elected.

Suitable applicants are then invited, among other things, to give a public lecture at the university.

Afterwards, external experts prepare an assessment of the candidates. On this basis, the appointment committee proposes a ranking list with up to three names. The commission decides on the ranking list in consultation with the Equal Opportunity Officer to ensure a fair procedure.

The appointment proposal must then be approved by other university units: The Faculty Board, the Senate and the Executive Committee decide on the proposal.

The candidate is finally appointed by the President of TH Wildau and invited by the President and the Chancellor to an appointment interview. Here, the formal conditions and the equipment of the professorship are negotiated.

The final appointment is made by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) of the State of Brandenburg.


The team

Appointment Management

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	Susanne Voltmer

Project Manager Susanne Voltmer Susanne Voltmer

Tel.: +49 3375 508 391
House 13, Room 038

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	Lisa Hettler

Project Coordinator Lisa Hettler Lisa Hettler

Tel.: +49 3375 508 413
House 13, Room 038

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	Dr. phil. Ilona Kunkel

Diversity Marketing Dr. phil. Ilona Kunkel Dr. phil. Ilona Kunkel

Tel.: +49 3375 508 675
House 13, Room 038

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