Executive Committee
Gebäude 13 TH Wildau

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of TH Wildau.

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Executive Committee at TH Wildau


Foto Ulrike Tippe, Präsidentin

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tippe

Tel.: +49 3375 508 101
Mail : praesidentin(at)th-wildau.de
Web: https://en.th-wildau.de/ulrike-tippe/
Office : House 13, Room 103

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Responsibilities and structureOpen areaClose area

As Chair of the Executive Committee, the President leads the university and represents it externally.


Areas of responsibility

  • Strategic planning and the preparation of concepts for the development of the university
  • Coordination of the faculties and central institutions as well as preparation and management of the budget
  • Directive authority as well as preservation of order and exercise of domiciliary rights
  • Sustainability
  • Scientific career development and promotion of young scientists


Reporting to the President

  • Centre for University Communications
  • Centre for International Affairs
  • Legal Affairs Office
  • Personal Assistants to the President
  • Sustainability Manager
  • University Library
  • University IT Centre

Vice-president for Studies and Teaching

Rainer Stollhoff

Prof. Dr. Rainer Stollhoff

Phone: +49 3375 508 497
Mail: vp.lehre@th-wildau.de
Web: https://www.th-wildau.de/rainer-stollhoff/
Office: House 100, Room 107

Sekretariat: Mareen Kempkes

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Responsibilities and structureOpen areaClose area

Areas of responsibility

  • Further development and coordination of university-wide preparatory, study-accompanying and university didactic measures
  • Supporting the departments in the further development of their study programs
  • Integration of digital, competence-based teaching and learning tools and methods
  • Management of the university-wide "Study and Teaching Working Group" convened by the Vice President

Reporting to the Vice President

  • Center for Studies and Teaching with the areas of innovative study and continuing education concepts, university didactics and e-learning/e-assessment

Vice-president for Research and Transfer

 Klaus Martin  Melzer, Vizepräsident, Forschung

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Martin Melzer

Tel.: +49 3375 508 223
Mail: vp.forschung(at)th-wildau.de
Office: House 13, Room 039

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Responsibilities and structureOpen areaClose area

Areas of responsibility:

  • Coordination and further development of research and transfer activities and related services and instruments
  • Cooperation with companies as well as with other research and transfer partners
  • Support of researchers and transfer providers in funding applications, intellectual property rights, start-ups and scientific publications, etc.
  • Interdisciplinary exchange within the scientific community and with society at large
  • Management of the interdepartmental "Research & Transfer Strategy Commission".

Reporting to the Vice President:

  • the Centre for Research and Transfer with advisory, service and coordination tasks

Vice-president for Digital Affairs and Quality Management

Stefan Kubica

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kubica

Tel.: +49 3375 508 327
Mail: vp.digitales(at)th-wildau.de
Office: House 13, Room 108

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Responsibilities and structureOpen areaClose area

Areas of Responsibility

  • Official deputy for President Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tippe
  • Deriving and implementing the university's digital agenda as a strategic tool to increase the level of digitization
  • Establishing and achieving quality goals with respect to all relevant processes, including system accreditation, as well as conducting the quality circle as a cross-departmental and cross-departmental forum for receiving and addressing quality-related issues

Reporting to the Vice President

  • Digital Competence Center under joint leadership with the Director of the University Computing Center
  • Quality Management, Accreditation, Evaluation and Family-Friendly University within the Centre for Quality Management


Thomas Lehne, Kanzler der TH Wildau

Thomas Lehne

Tel.: +49 3375 508 900
Fax: +49 3375 508 867
Mail: kanzler(at)th-wildau.de
Office: House 13, Room 101

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Assistant to the Chancellor



Responsibilities and structureOpen areaClose area

Areas of responsibility

  • Management of the administration
  • Representative for the finance department
  • Provision of financial, human and infrastructure resources as well as related internal university services
  • Initiation and monitoring of all construction projects

Reporting to the chancellor

  • Assistant to the Chancellor
  • Finance Department, Staff, Staff Development, Enrollment and Examinations, Construction Department and Technical Services, Organisation and Controlling, University Sports, Healthy University Initiative

Solidarity with Ukraine

Statement of the TH Wildau
As a university with an international profile, TH Wildau also has close partnerships with numerous universities in Ukraine. For many years, we have maintained close relations, both in research and in the area of study and teaching. In addition, Ukraine is the country of origin of numerous students and employees at TH Wildau. Our solidarity is with the entire Ukrainian population and our partner universities.

On www.th-wildau.de/solidaritywithukraine you can find current updates of the university, contact possibilities and contact points. The site is multilingual in German, English and partly Ukrainian to provide the best possible information. #solidaritywithukraine


Executive Committee: Live

Our "Executive Committee: Live" discussion format focuses on open, close and direct communication with the members of the Executive Committee. The format is open to all university members and takes place regularly.

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