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FAQs Uni Assist

What is uni-assit?
How do I have to apply?
Which documents do I need?
What are the deadlines?

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FAQs - Frequently asked questions about your application through uni-assist

If you have a foreign school/university certificate, please apply directly through the online applicant portal of uni-assist e.V

You can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your application through uni-assit here!

What is uni-assist e.V.?Open areaClose area

The service centre uni-assist supports many German universities in processing applications from international students.
To this end, uni-assist prechecks the application documents, converts foreign grades into the German grading system and then passes on the admissible applications to the universities. The respective universities are responsible for the further selection and consultation of applicants.

When do I have to apply via through-assist e.V.?Open areaClose area

Please note that you must apply through uni-assist e.V. if you have a school/university degree obtained abroad (not a German one). You should apply as early as possible, since the required documents must be submitted by mail and the examination of your file will take some time.

If you have a school/university degree obtained in Germany, have passed the assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung") of a recognised preparatory programme ("Studienkolleg") or if you already have a certificate of recognition from the Cottbus State Education Authority or the KMK Central Office for Foreign Education, then please apply directly to TH Wildau.

How do I apply through uni-assist e.V.?Open areaClose area

If you have a foreign diploma, please apply directly using the online application portal of uni-assist e.V. before the application deadline.

Please do not apply additionally through the online portal of TH Wildau. After uni-assist e.V. has submitted your application to our university, you will receive an e-mail from TH Wildau with your personal cedentials to access the online portal of TH Wildau.

Please note the following information before applying online through uni-assist e.V:

  • Application for DoSV study programmes

TH Wildau participates in the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) for Bachelor study programmes with restricted admission. Relevant degree programmes are published in time for the application phase.

Please register withhochschulstart.de before applying at the portal of uni-assist e.V. You will recieve an applicant identification number (BID) and an applicant authentication number (BAN).

After you have registered with hochschulstart.de, please carry out the online application via uni-assist e.V. and enter the BID and BAN there.

  • Application for all other study programs

For the remaining degree programmes, please submit your online application without registering at hochschulstart.de by the application deadline in the online applicant portal of uni-assist e.V.


How does the application process work?Open areaClose area

Fill out the uni-assist application form  and submit it electronically. Your application can only be submitted once the fees have been paid and received. Upload the necessary application documents to uni-assist, you do not need to send your application documents by mail. After receipt of your payment and documents, uni-assist e.V. will check your application. You will receive all further information on the uni-assist online portal or by e-mail.

Which application documents do I need for my application?Open areaClose area

You will need the following application documents for your application:

  • Application form (this application is generated automatically at the end of the online application on the uni-assist portal) Please make sure that the spelling of your name matches the spelling in your passport.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of passport (EU citizen: ID card) with biometric photograph
  • Officially certified and officially translated certificates (Indications on certification and translations)
  • Secondary school leaving certificate with list of subjects and grades; if available: Certificate of the university entrance examination
  • If you have already completed your studies in your home country or at other universities: Subject and grade overviews of all academic years and if avilable the final certificate
  • Proof of knowledge of the German language at the required level (following language certificates C1 (according to CEFR) are recognized for the German language)
    • German language exam for university admission (DSH-2)
    • Successful completion of the German part of the assessment test at the Studienkolleg
    • Successful completion of a study at a German-speaking university
    • Language Diploma of the Conference of Ministers of Culture Level II (DSD-II)
    • Goethe Certificate C2
    • Telc C1 University
    • Österreichisches Sprachdiplom C2
    • TestDaF with a test result of "four" in all four subtests
    • You can also apply with language certificates at B2 level, however, at the beginning of your studies the required language certificates at C1 level must be presented to the university.
  • If necessary: proof of knowledge of English at the required level or additional admission requirements, e.g. proof of internship for EMM (see current study and examination regulations on the relevant pages of the programmes)
  • To apply for Master level study programmes, if the first degree is not yet available: Certificate with original signature (or certified copy) of the expected end of the study programme and that at least 80% of the achievements in the Bachelors programme (for 4-year programmes; 7 completed semesters; for 3-year programmes 5 completed semesters) have been completed (with current average grade)
  • Proof of working experience in Germany (original document, applies only for the extra-occupational studies of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering and Management)


Where should I send my application documents?Open areaClose area

Upload the necessary application documents to uni-assist, you do not need to send any application documents by mail.

What are the application deadlines?Open areaClose area

  • Application deadlines for the winter semester: 15.06. (requested deadline), latest 15.07.
  • Application deadlines for the summer semester: 15.12. - 15.01.

Please submit your application documents in time!


How much are the application fees at uni-assist?Open areaClose area

The first application to uni-assist costs 75,00 EUR for the first and 30,00 EUR for each subsequent application. Please pay the application fee to uni-assist.

Important note:

Unfortunately, incomplete documents cannot be processed by uni-assist. Your application can only be sent after the payment has been received. Please pay the fees immediately with the online application. If you pay by bank transfer, you can only send the application after uni-assist has received the payment. Uni-assist will not start processing your documents until the fees have been received. The fees must also be received by uni-assist within the application deadline.

Uni-assist provides you with detailed information on the homepage on allquestions concerning the application.

What happens now with my application?Open areaClose area

If you fullfill the formal requirements for an application, uni-assist will forward your data to TH Wildau. You can check the status of your application on your uni-assist account. If your application is incomplete, you will receive information in the uni-assist portal or by e-mail. Therefore, please check your inbox regularly.

When will I get my admission letter?Open areaClose area

TH Wildau makes every effort to inform all applicants as early as possible. Since the application process runs until 15 July or 15 January and all applications must be reviewed and processed before a selection can be made, you can expect to be notified at the beginning of August for the winter semester and at the beginning of February for the summer semester.

You will receive the corresponding admission notices from TH Wildau on the TH Wildau online portal or, for Bachelor study programmes with restricted admissions (DoSV), on the hochschulstart.de online portal.

You cannot be in Germany for your enrollment, what can you do?Open areaClose area

If you have received an admission letter and would like to enroll but cannot be in Berlin or Wildau for enrollment (e.g. because you are still waiting for your visa), please contact the Student Affairs Department by e-mail immediately after receiving your admission letter. The contact details can be found in the notification of admission or directly in the information text in the TH-Online-Portal.


Where can I find out the current status of my application?Open areaClose area

The current status of your application is always visible on the applicant portal (TH-Online-Portal). We ask you to refrain from making inquiries before mid-August, as a selection is only possible after the application procedure has been completed. Your contact person is the Department of Student Affairs at the TH Wildau.

What happens if I do not meet certain requirements?Open areaClose area

If you do not meet the formal requirements, you will be informed by uni-assist and your application will not be forwarded to the university. You can submit documents later within the application deadline, so we recommend that you apply well in time. Unfortunately, your documents cannot be returned. You can apply for the next application deadline with new documents.

In order to assess whether this applies to you, you can find out in advance in uni-assist's University Admissions Check which type of university admission is open to you with your school leaving certificate.

Admission and rejection letters for a study place at TH Wildau can be obtained from the online portal of TH Wildau or, for Bachelor study programmes with restricted admissions (DoSV), from the online portal of hochschulstart.de. Uni-assist only checks whether the formal requirements of a university entrance qualification and the necessary language certificates are met.

Uni-assist does not decide on the allocation of study places.

.... Further general frequently asked questions about your application can be found here!

What average grade / NC do I need to apply?Open areaClose area

Average grades are empirical values from the last university selection process. They result from a selection procedure and are not determined in advance. They depend on the final grades of the applicants of the respective application period. We therefore recommend that you always apply. If the admission requirements are fullfilled, the applicatio will be considered in the university selection process.

Can I apply for different study programmes at the TH Wildau at the same time?Open areaClose area

No, it is not possible to apply for several programmes at the TH Wildau at the same time. You have to decide for one study programme.

German degree and international student, Uni-assist or TH Wildau?Open areaClose area

I have a German degree, but am an international student? How do I apply in this case: via uni-assist e.V. or directly at TH Wildau?

If you have a German school/university degree, a passed assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung") of an accredited preparatory college certificate ("Studienkolleg"), or a certificate of recognition from the Cottbus State Education Authority or the KMK Central Office for Foreign Education, then apply directly to the TH Wildau.
Information on online applications with certificates of education and degrees in Germany or abroad can be found on this website.

Bachelors degree not yet completed, Masters application still possible?Open areaClose area

I haven't finished my bachelor already. Can I still apply for a Masters programme?

You can apply for a Masters programme even if the transcript of your Bachelors degree is not yet available. You should fullfill all other admission requirements are sent/bring your Bachelors diploma before you began your Masters at TH Wildau.

Here you will find further information regarding general admission requirements.


Bachelor 100% in English? English certificate needed for Masters application?Open areaClose area

I completed 100% of my Bachelor's degree in English. Do I still have to provide proof of language skills for my application to the English-language Masters programme?

No. A separate proof of language proficiency is not necessary if you can prove that you have completed 100% of your university studies qualifying for the Masters programme in English.

Other ways of proving the required English language skills are:

  • appropriate language skills that correspond to at least C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • a Bachelors degree qualifying for this Masters programme, which requires as an entry requirement English language skills that correspond to at least B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR); modules adding to at least 40 credit points must have been completed in English.


Can I apply before the results of my English language certificate are available?Open areaClose area

Proof of English language proficiency at level C1 for the European Management and Technical Management programs is a prerequisite for admission and must be submitted as a certified copy by July 15 (cut-off date) for winter semester / January 15 (cut-off date) for summer semester at our Student Affair Department.

A previous Bachelors programme will also be recognized as proof of language proficiency if it was conducted 100% in English and a corresponding proof is submitted.


Do you have further questions?

Then you are welcome to send an email to: