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The University Library provides electronic and print information services for students and associates of the TH Wildau.

Library service during winter semester 2020/2021

Dear library users,

we are pleased to be able to welcome you to our on-site TH Wildau university library under observance of all rules of distance, conduct and hygiene. Please observe the following rules of conduct and measures during your visit to the library.

  • If you feel any signs of illness, stay at home.
  • In order to track contacts (THWi_Kontaktnachverfolgung), it is now necessary to log in to the library using a QR code after entering the library. The QR code is located on the 1st floor opposite the entrance stairs. People without their own device to scan the QR code can register with the library staff at the information desk.

  • Observe the general rules of conduct and hygiene:
    • wear a mouth-nose cover (exception at the reading place),
    • wash/disinfect hands before entering the library,
    • maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m,
    • wash your hands regularly,
    • hygiene rules for sneezing and coughing,
    • observance of the guidance system,
    • disinfection of the own reading place. Disinfectants are placed on the 1st floor next to the self-issue machine.
  • Computer workstations and carrying baskets are not available for the time being for hygienic reasons.

We look forward to your visit & stay healthy!

Your library team


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