Student Orientation and Advice

Student Orientation and Advice

We help prospective students with any questions they may have before starting at the university and during their first weeks of study.

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Advice for students and professionals

	Dr. Andreas Preiß

School cooperations & fairs Dr. Andreas Preiß Dr. Andreas Preiß

Tel.: +49 3375 508 255
House 13, Room 224

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	M. Sc. Desiree Grienitz

Coordination of student labs & trial studies M. Sc. Desiree Grienitz M. Sc. Desiree Grienitz

Tel.: +49 3375 508 474
House 13, Room 224

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Project Staff

Fabian Kießlich
Project management "Live + Blended Counselling"

Patrick Grabasch
Assistance - Projekt "Live Counselling"

Wir helfen bei der Studienwahl!

Zusammen mit der Beratung zur Studienorientierung zum Wunschstudium. Übersicht:

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