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German schools

Information on the cooperation between the TH Wildau and German Schools in Latin America as well as helpful information for prospective students from our partner schools in Latin America.

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Our offer for our partner schools

• More than 20 years of experience with German Schools
• Cooperation with 20 German Schools
• Latin community in Wildau
• Welcome package with airport pick-up and guaranteed accomodation
• Personal advice in Spanish
• On-site visits to schools
• Participation in digital fairs to present the TH Wildau
• Trial course "Schnupperstudium", so that you can get to know us personally

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Some testimonials from DS graduatesOpen areaClose area

What do our students think of us?

Cesar Josue Calderon Alvarado

(DS Managua, Nicaragua), Industrial Engineering student

"In my last year of school I passed the International Baccalaurate (IB). When I came to Wildau, I was welcomed by a buddy who was by my side for the first few weeks. The staff at the International Office (Denise S . Tarbuch, Carolina Winkler and Simon Devos) supported me in all matters. Studying in Wildau is also a good choice, as the TH is one of the best universities in Germany. The Bachelor is well structured and very interesting . For these reasons, I can recommend studying at the TH Wildau."


Jose Esteban Lema Arango

(DS Medellin, Colombia), Industrial Engineering student

"It has always been my dream to study in Germany. When I arrived in Germany, to be honest, I was a bit scared, as I didn't know anything about the TH-Wildau. However, I was very surprised when I got here. The TH is not only a wonderful place, it is a place where I didn't feel far away from home. I not only made new friends but a new family who not only supports me with my studies but also helps me a lot in my private life. Wildau is now my home and I am very happy about it."


William Orlando Marcia Molares

(DS Nicaragua), Telematics student

"I was lucky enough to get to know TH Wildau as early as 2012 during a trial course organized by my school. I already liked TH Wildau at that time very much. My study programme was difficult at first because of the language and the content, but I got used to the professors and their subjects. I felt very much at home there. When I had doubts, people always reacteded in a friendly manner and also understood my situation as a foreigner and as a new student. What I like most about Wildau is the multicultural life on campus."


Sebastián Adriano Ampuero Morisaki

(DS Arequipa, Peru), Telematics student

"At that time I was very satisfied with my performance in the first semester and applied for the BIDS scholarship. Fortunately, I was able to get a scholarship. Thanks to this support, it was easier for me to do the second semester."


Luis Fernando Cespedes Mendoza

(DS Cali, Colombia), European Management student

"I was looking for a university and the perfect study programme for myself for a long time. I have now found that in Wildau. I feel very much at home in Wildau and I am happy. The lecturers are competent and helpful. As an international student, I can say that studying at the TH Wildau is a good and valuable experience."


Gerardo Conrado Schuhbauer Torres

(DS Arequipa, Peru and BBZ in Lima, Peru), Business Administration student

"At the beginning of the semester I was impressed by the modern infrastructure that most university buildings have. The teachers were very attentive and friendly. My classmates offered me their help and support, so the change was not so drastic. In Wildau I have I found a balance in my life, here I can concentrate on my studies because there are not so many distractions and in my free time I go to Berlin to have fun. I am very happy at this university and would like recommend it."


Ana Maria Pineda Collazos

(DS Cali, Colombia), Industrial Engineering student

"I found my study course very comprehensive and the university well structured. It is a mixture between an old and modern campus university. I get an international degree and more international opportunities. You would then have the opportunity to do a master's degree and therefore better opportunities to find a job. So I can say that this experience is worthwhile."


Nicolas Builes

(DS Medellin, Colombia), Business Administration student

"When people ask me why Wildau? Why the TH Wildau? Why not another city or TH or university? There is a simple answer. Because I don't need another city or place. Here in Wildau I have everything I need. The TH is very good, the infrastructure itself is also quite good. It's very quiet, the prices are good and Berlin is about 40 minutes away by train. In general, my experiences (studying and living) are very positive. That's why I recommend studying here."


Fiorella Esquivel

(DS Arequipa, Peru), Biosystems Technology/Bioinformatics student

"... here in Wildau there are very nice and understanding people who did exactly the same thing and helped me integrate. They gave me the security that I lacked that I was doing the right thing. I had even more success whenI received the BIDS motivation grant during my first semester. Wildau is a harmonious mixture between the peace of a small town that helps me to concentrate when I have to study hard and fun from Berlin, a very big city, even the capital of Germany, where something always happens. You can never get bored there. A very nice balance. I am very satisfied with my studies here. I'm happy that I came here."


Gustav Adolf Vides Mezquita

(DS El Salvador, San Salvador), European Management student

"In the second semester I received the BIDS scholarship for former students from German schools abroad. I also enjoy a quiet life in Wildau and at the same time a dynamic life in Berlin. For all these reasons, I can only recommend studying in Wildau."


Paola Magda Zapata Poppe

(DS La Paz, Bolivia),  Business Administration student

"You get a lot of help from the International Office, they help you with the apartment search, with registrations and much more. I got a room very quickly at the Studtenwerk Potsdam. The student residence has many advantages, e.g. the student residences are very close from the TH Wildau. At the TH Wildau there is also a cafeteria where you can find different menus. The courses have a pleasant number of participants, i.e. around 20 to 30 students per course. The lectures take place in very modern rooms."


Sebastian Funk

(DS Lima, Peru and BBZ Lima, Peru), Business Administration student

"After my arrival in Wildau I met a group of people who kindly introduced me to life here and who would always help me without hesitation ... from the very first day I realized that there is an friendy and solidarity atmosphere here. Studying in Wildau means feeling satisfied with yourself and knowing that you can always count on someone. Studying here is a unique and very rewarding experience and I would not hesitate to consider Wildau again for my studies."

Applicants from German (-cooperation) schools

Do you come from one of our partner schools  and have sufficient knowledge of German? Then you can submit your application for the 1st semester online by July 15th for the winter semester / 15.01. for the summer semester trough the Online application portal from TH Wildau. The International Office will be happy to advise you on this.

Step 1: Check the (programme-specific) application requirementsOpen areaClose area

Several of our study programmes have specific application requirements. Please check the website of the study programme you are interested in to check whether you meet the requirements.


Step 2: Write us an Email and make contact!Open areaClose area

IMPORTANT!: Only applies to applicants from partner schools in Latin America.

As an applicant from one of our cooperation schools in Latin America, apply directly via the online application portal of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. The International Office will be happy to advise you on this.

Please take into consideration our application deadlines:

  • Application deadline for the winter semester: 15.06. (requested deadline), 15.07 at the latest.
  • Application deadline for the summer semester: 15.12. - 15.01.

You can find an overview of the degree programs (free/restricted) and when they are offered (winter semester/summer semester) here: degree programs.

Step 3: Send your application before deadlineOpen areaClose area

If you are a graduate from one of our partner schools in Latin America, please apply before the application deadline directly via the TH Wildau's online application portal (not via uni-assist).


You will need the following application documents for your application:

  • Application form (this application is generated automatically at the end of the online application on the uni-assist portal) Please make sure that the spelling of your name matches the spelling in your passport.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of passport (EU citizen: ID card) with biometric photograph
  • Officially certified and officially translated certificates (Indications on certification and translations)
  • Secondary school leaving certificate with list of subjects and grades; if available: Certificate of the university entrance examination
  • If you have already completed your studies in your home country or at other universities: Subject and grade overviews of all academic years and if avilable the final certificate
  • Proof of knowledge of the German language at the required level (following language certificates C1 (according to CEFR) are recognized for the German language)
    • German language exam for university admission (DSH-2)
    • Successful completion of the German part of the assessment test at the Studienkolleg
    • Successful completion of a study at a German-speaking university
    • Language Diploma of the Conference of Ministers of Culture Level II (DSD-II)
    • Goethe Certificate C1
    • Telc C1 University
    • TestDaF with a test result of "four" in all four subtests
    • You can also apply with language certificates at B2 level, however, at the beginning of your studies the required language certificates at C1 level must be presented to the university.

Please send the documents to the following address before the application deadline:

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

International Office

Hochschulring 1 D - 15745 Wildau, Germany

Please do not submit original certificates, but officially certified copies. You can obtain official certifications from embassies, consulates, regulatory agencies, notaries and universities.

Step 4: Get your admission letterOpen areaClose area

TH Wildau makes every effort to inform all applicants as early as possible. Since the application process runs until 15 July or 15 January and all applications must be reviewed and processed before a selection can be made, you can expect to be notified at the beginning of August for the winter semester and at the beginning of February for the summer semester.

You will receive the corresponding admission notices from TH Wildau on the TH Wildau online portal or, for Bachelor study programmes with restricted admissions (DoSV), on the online portal.

    Dipl.-Wirtsch.infor. (FH) Carolina Maria Winkler

Hello! Do you have any questions? / ¡Hola! ¿Usted tiene preguntas? Dipl.-Wirtsch.infor. (FH) Carolina Maria Winkler Dipl.-Wirtsch.infor. (FH) Carolina Maria Winkler

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