Automation Technology (B.Eng.) – dual degree programme
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Bachelor's programme

Automation Technology (B.Eng.) – dual degree programme

Efficient production from micro to macro. Together we will create the future you want.

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Key facts


Bachelor of Engineering & Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) / Chamber of Crafts (HWK) professional qualification

Language of instruction


Modes of study

dual degree programme with integrated vocational training

Standard duration

8 semsters

Programme start

winter semester


no tuition fees (the university only charges semester fees each semester)

Application deadlines

current application deadlines


Engineering and Natural Sciences

Study objectives

Automation Technology is a cross-sectional technology used in almost all technical fields, including medical and automotive engineering, traffic management, machine and plant construction, and aerospace. The engineer’s task is to design efficient and effective production chains in order to provide end customers with products that have a high degree of integrated functionality.

The Automation Technology Bachelor’s degree programme primarily focuses on the design of individual components in automated products, rather than on complete assembly lines. Design and technical training receive equal attention as well as time spent looking at micro and macro level issues in production technology. We will focus on novel automated components and products.

Graduates are thoroughly prepared for a career in this demanding, modern and sustainable field. They are provided with professional and to some extent leadership skills at the bachelor’s level. Independence, holistic thinking in technical and business contexts, teamwork abilities and social skills play a key role here.

Course contents

  • Fundamental principles of engineering, electronics and IT
  • Specific technical applications
  • Multidisciplinary studies
  • Internship and projects, bachelor's thesis

Programme modulesOpen areaClose area

  • Mathematics I
  • Mathematics II
  • Basics in Mechanics
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Design Basics/ CAD
  • Materials Engineering
  • Quality Management
  • Assembly- and Handling Technology
  • Principles of Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Measurement Engineering/ Sensorics
  • Feedback Control Engineering
  • Electrical Motion Machines
  • Pneumatics/ Hydraulics
  • Micro Processor Technology
  • Principles of Informatics
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Aided System Analysis
  • Control Technology
  • Visualization

Career opportunitiesOpen areaClose area

This degree programme especially promotes the ability to think in a range of disciplines and qualifies graduates to work in the following sectors:

  • Special machine construction (automotive, pharma),
  • Tool machine construction,
  • Consumer electronics (household goods, multimedia, toys),
  • Medical engineering,
  • Robotics and microelectronics

Admission requirements and applicationOpen areaClose area

General admission requirements

Admission qualifications

Specific admission requirements

Language skills: To be admitted to this degree programme, overseas applicants must possess sufficient German language skills. This may be demonstrated with an overall grade of DSH-2 or better from the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für Hochschulen (DSH) language exam.

Admission to the dual degree programme requires successful participation by the end of the 1st academic year in the vocational training as part of the cooperation agreement between TH Wildau and the educational institution.


You can apply to TH Wildau online. All the information you need to apply can be found on our central application page.

Admission to the dual degree programme requires successful participation by the end of the 1st academic year in the vocational training as part of the cooperation agreement between TH Wildau and the educational institution.


Preparation courses

We recommend checking in good time as to whether it is useful for you to participate in study preparation courses prior to commencing your studies. Online tests in the subjects of mathematics, physics, information technology and technical mechanics will help you come to a decision. Prior knowledge in these subjects is an important basis for various study modules and therefore necessary for the success of your studies in light of past experience.

Offers and further information

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe

Contact points Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Köthe

Tel.: +49 3375 508 788
House 15, Room 118

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