Biosystems Technology / Bioinformatics (B.Sc.)
Bachelor's programme

Biosystems Technology / Bioinformatics (B.Sc.)

Natural sciences and technology

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Key facts


Bachelor of Science

Language of instruction


Modes of study

full-time, part-time

Standard duration

6 semsters

Programme start

winter semester


no tuition fees (the university only charges semester fees each semester)

Application deadlines

current application deadlines


Engineering and Natural Sciences

Study objectives

The Berlin Brandenburg region is an internationally important centre for biotechnology with above-average growth rates. This is giving the connection between biotechnology, physics and information technology an increasing amount of scientific and technological importance.

Biosystems technology sits at the interface between molecular biology, surface technologies and microsystem engineering, comprising biohybrid systems specially intended for extracting analytical data in the genomic and proteomic fields, but also in the areas of medical diagnostics and food. Biomolecules, boundaries and detector systems take centre stage. Evaluating and making links in the analysis of the sometimes huge quantities of data requires a close relationship with bioinformatics.

The Biosystems Technology/Bioinformatics Bachelor's degree programme of TH Wildau meets the interdisciplinary needs that are created: Students acquire both knowledge and skills in the fields of biology, biochemistry and bioanalysis, in the areas of information technology and bioinformatics, as well as physics, micro and biohybrid engineering. The practical component of the degree programme means that students also gain knowledge from experience and the ability to make decisions on issues in bioinformatics and bioanalysis. At the same time they also gain insight into how the industry operates, economic contexts as well as developing their social skills.

Course contents

  • Mathematics, information technology, chemistry, optics, physical and technical foundations
  • Biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology
  • Bioinformatics, methods in bioinformatics, signal processing
  • Methods in biochemistry, bioanalysis
  • Microsystems technology, biohybrid technologies

Programme modulesOpen areaClose area

  • General Chemistry
  • Informatics
  • Programming
  • Principles of Physics and Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Measurement Technology
  • Optics and Spectroscopy
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Database Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Methods in Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Signal Processing
  • Methods in Bioinformatics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Bioanalysis
  • Microsystems Engineering
  • Biohybrid Technologies
  • Biological Reaction Engineering
  • Project Management and Scientific Methodology     
  • Business Management

Career opportunitiesOpen areaClose area

This highly practical programme makes our graduates highly desirable to employers in the life sciences sector, as well as in industrial and research areas. You may extend your studies to take the Master degree programme of the same name at TH Wildau.

Admission requirements and applicationOpen areaClose area

General admission requirements

Admission qualifications

Specific admission requirements

Language skills: To be admitted to this degree programme, overseas applicants must possess sufficient German language skills. This may be demonstrated with an overall grade of DSH-2 or better from the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für Hochschulen (DSH) language exam.


You can apply to TH Wildau online. All the information you need to apply can be found on our central application page.


Preparation courses

We recommend checking in good time as to whether it is useful for you to participate in study preparation courses prior to commencing your studies. Online tests in the subjects of mathematics, physics and information technology will help you come to a decision. Prior knowledge in these subjects is an important basis for various study modules and therefore necessary for the success of your studies in light of past experience.

Offers and further information

Contact points

Degree programme director

Prof. Dr.rer.nat.habil. Lisdat, Fred

Tel.: +49 3375 508 456
Email: fred.lisdat(at)

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