Our university teams and individual starters represent the TH Wildau throughout Germany in sporting comparison with other colleges and universities.

Every year the German University Sports Federation (ADH) organises over 50 competitions in more than 30 sports throughout Germany. There is something for everyone at either the German University Championships, the German University Cup events or the ADH Open. Sports included by the ADH range from the most popular ball sports to classic disciplines to the latest new sport. 

At present we have a football team (m), a volleyball team (m/f) and a basketball team (m) at TH Wildau and we want to regularly compete in these sports against other colleges and universities in the events described above. If you have a reasonable ability in the above-mentioned sports and fancy joining our team, please get in touch with Arne Sippel ( 

Sportsmen and women from individual sports such as athletics, swimming or racquet sports can also compete for TH Wildau in the relevant competitions. 

Registration for the competitions always takes place through University Sports at TH Wildau.

Penalty fees: 

Failure to compete after registering incurs penalty fees which are payable by the sportsmen and women concerned. 

	Dipl.-Sportwissenschaft Arne Sippel

Dipl.-Sportwissenschaft Arne Sippel Dipl.-Sportwissenschaft Arne Sippel

Tel.: +49 3375 508 111
House 13, Room 157

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