Pre-Christmas "outdoor" get-together
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15:00 - 19:00

Pre-Christmas "outdoor" get-together

Type of event: Festivals and cultural events
Venue: Th Wildau, between House 16 and Hall 17
Organiser: TH Wildau

Dear colleagues,
Dear students

Before the Covid pandemic we had a tradition that unfortunately became impossible in the last two years,. This year we would like to celebrate its return to campus: our pre-Christmas "outdoor" get-together with mulled wine, punch, pea stew, and lots of conversation.
We will have to again celebrate without live music once this year, but I am sure that together we will certainly succeed in creating some Christmas spirit.  

On behalf of the Presidium, I would therefore like to cordially invite you all to join us!


  • When?
    • 12 December 2022, from 3 p.m
  • Where?
    • On the square between House 16 and Hall 17
  • What?
    • Pre-Christmas get-together with music, conversation and ...
  • Food
    • ... yes; food and drinks will be provided.
  • "Dress code“?
    • Warm shoes, warm jacket, hat, scarf etc.

I look forward to seeing many of you, so that we can together get in the mood for the Christmas season and the end of the year.

Ihre /


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tippe
Präsidentin / President