Useful information about the current energy issue
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Useful information about the current energy issue

Up-to-date information on how the TH Wildau deals with the energy issue in its current university operations.

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Information from the TH Wildau on the current energy issue

Even if the energy problem this year cannot be compared with 2022, basic measures for saving energy still apply. This website bundles together all the important information on this.


20.10.2023: Information by the Chancelor regarding winter semester 2023/2024Open areaClose area

Dear colleagues,
Dear students,

The temperatures have already dropped and this winter we are still in the energy crisis. In addition, energy is an important issue for the sustainable development of our university. We are currently working on solutions for climate-friendly energy consumption on our campus. But also the behavior of the users have a very big impact on our energy balance. Therefore, please adhere to the energy etiquette of TH Wildau again this year.

We would like to emphasize two points in particular for you:

  • a target room temperature of 21 °C applies to offices and teaching rooms. Please set the thermostats on the radiators to level 5 to reach this temperature. The temperature target of 21 degrees Celsius is controlled centrally by the Building and Technology department via the supply temperature. This regulation does not apply to houses 16, 17 and 19 due to a heat pump and underfloor heating.
  • the teaching in the afternoon is planned in the houses 16 and 17. Thus, we can further regulate the temperature down in the afternoon in the other houses.

You can also find the latest information from TH Wildau on the current energy topic on the "Energy" topic page:


We thank you for your active assistance


Best regards

Thomas Lehne