Travel and stays abroad

Travel and stays abroad

Where are risk areas located? Can I start my business trip? Here you can find important information about current and planned stays in Germany and abroad.

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Business trips & stays abroad

What are the regulations for planned business trips?Open areaClose area

Notification for travel to risk areas to the Chancellor

  • The previous regulation is no longer applicable. Such trips no longer have to be registered with the Chancellor.

Business trips

  • Non-urgent business trips shall continue to be refrained from.
  • Urgently necessary business trips are generally permitted with the following restrictions:
    • For travel to risk areas, case-by-case approval must be obtained from the university management. The case-by-case assessment is carried out by the President or the Chancellor. In this examination, the vaccination status, among other things, is taken into account if the applicant voluntarily makes a corresponding statement in the justification for the business trip.
    • Missions to virus variant areas and high incidence areas are not eligible for approval.
  • The costs of necessary PCR tests for business trips can be charged as travel expenses.

Does the TH Wildau cover PCR tests required for business trips?Open areaClose area

Yes, the costs of necessary PCR tests for business trips can be charged as travel expenses.

Where are international risk areas currently located?Open areaClose area

The Robert Koch Institute currently identifies certain countries as risk areasvirus variant areas and high incidence areas.

For persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany, the nationwide uniform Coronavirus Entry Ordinance has been in force since 13 May 2021. Please note the corresponding regulations.


What rules apply to employees returning from a risk area?Open areaClose area

The following instructions and regulations apply to returnees from risk areas:

  • The Coronavirus Entry Ordinance, which has been standardised nationwide since 13 May 2021, applies to all returnees to the Federal Republic of Germany. The corresponding regulations must be observed by employees and students of the TH Wildau! If you have been in a risk area, please also inform the Crisis Team in any case at krisenstab(at)
  • With regard to private travel, it is basically the responsibility of the traveller to find out before the planned journey whether the destination is a corona risk area. The travel warnings issued by the Federal Foreign Office and the information published by the RKI on the designation of international risk areas by the Federal Foreign Office, BMG and BMI are decisive in this context.
  • For employees of TH Wildau, a deliberate trip to a risk area and the associated acceptance of the subsequent quarantine order constitutes a breach of the mutual duty of care within the employment relationship and has an impact on the employee's claim to remuneration. Further details can be found in the Chancellor's letter of 04.08.2020.