Web-App THWi Contact Tracing
Bild Bühne Web-App THWi Kontaktnachverfolgung

Web-App THWi Contact Tracing

At the start of the on-site teaching on 5 October 2020 the new self-developed system of the TH Wildau will be available for contact tracing in case of a SARS-Cov2 infection.

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Web app for contact tracing in the event of a SARS Cov2 infection

The "THWi contact tracing" is a web app for contact registration and an in-house development of the iCampus team, created in close cooperation and in the shortest possible time with the Vice President for Digitisation and Quality Management and the Corona Crisis Team. 

TOGETHER AGAINST CORONA - important information about the web app

New feature from 29 October 2020Open areaClose area

The web app can now also be used for internal university contact tracing. This means that users are able to voluntarily agree to be informed by the TH Wildau by e-mail or telephone if they have had contact with a Covid-19-infected person in the buildings of the TH Wildau within the last 14 days. The basis for this is that the infected person has voluntarily agreed to be informed about his/her infection with Covid-19. 

The new feature can be activated and deactivated at any time by clicking on the "?" in the top left corner of the web app.


We all know from the media that the health authorities are working at the limit of their capacity and that contact tracing can be lengthy. With the expansion of our web app, you therefore have the opportunity to be informed promptly and thus actively contribute to infection protection.

This feature was created at the explicit request and with the approval of the Staff and Student Council.

How does the web app work?Open areaClose area

All premises of TH Wildau will be successively equipped with QR codes (in the first step all event and meeting rooms, laboratories and the library; in the second step all other offices). Please be patient until then. As long as the individual offices have not yet received a QR code, please continue to use the existing contact lists.

The QR codes must be scanned with a mobile device before entering the premises. Those who do not have a mobile device or do not wish to use one can also maintain the data manually via the website icampus.th-wildau.de/kontaktnachverfolgung on any other device with Internet access before or after entering the premises.

Scanning takes you directly to the web app.

  • Staff and students only need their university account / LDAP to log in.
  • Persons from outside the university provide their first and last name as well as a telephone number or e-mail address.

In case of an enquiry by the public health department, only first name and surname, e-mail address or telephone number as well as room and time will be passed on.

Note: If a person leaves the room in which they were previously logged in, it is useful to log out again in the web app using the "Leave room" function. If this does not happen, the person remains logged in to the room until they enter another room or the day is over.

In connection with questions of content or organisation, the ticket system will be available to you by e-mail at supportcenter(at)th-wildau.de from 5 October.

For what reason is the web app being introduced?Open areaClose area

We collect and process the personal data collected in this process in accordance with Ordinance on Temporary Containment Measures due to the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and COVID19 in the State of Brandenburg (SARS-CoV-2 Containment Ordinance - SARS-CoV-2-EindV) of 30 October 2020 (GVBl.II/20, [No. 103]) § 7 para. 4 No. 4 in conjunction with § 6 para. 2. (https://bravors.brandenburg.de/verordnungen/sars_cov_2_eindv, accessed on 16.11.2020).

In the event that a Covid-19 patient is present on the premises of the TH Wildau, we must be able to provide a list of all contact persons within 24 hours upon request of the responsible health authority.

To meet this request, we have decided to use digital contact recording. This is a safe, efficient and paperless way to comply with the contact regulation.

Why is usage so important?Open areaClose area

The Crisis Team and the entire Presidium urge you all to use this secure, privacy-compliant and very efficient means of contact tracing. Apart from the fact that we are obliged to report the necessary data to the Health Department in case of infection, it is in all our interests to avoid corona cases - or to trace and break potential chains of infection.

Only in this way you can be sure that you will be informed by the public health department if you have contact with a Covid-19 patient. At the same time you protect your fellow human beings in case you fall ill yourself.

Important: The data will only be passed on if requested by the health authority. No further processing or use will take place.

In accordance with the dual control principle, only selected colleagues from the Crisis Management Team, the staff council or the student council will have access to the data.


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