Information page on BAföG matters
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Information page on BAföG matters


Dear students!


If you need a certificate from the university for your BAföG office (Studentenwerk), please contact the following e-mail address:



Certificates that may be considered are, for example:

Formblatt 5

Formblatt 6

Antrag auf Förderung ohne Vorlage des Leistungsnachweises

Antrag auf Förderung über die Förderungshöchstdauer hinaus

Please note that the Studentenwerk expects the latter two applications to be accompanied by proof that the stated reason exists!



Please fill in the forms already as far as your personal details are concerned and then save the PDF file so that it can be processed further. Attach this file to your e-mail! (Exception: For the latter applications, there is currently no fillable form. If possible, send them as a scan)


Other requests

Please contact one of the BAföG representatives:

Hr. Prof. Dr. Peter Hantel 

Hr. Prof.Dr.rer.pol.habil. Stephan Meyer

Fr. Prof. Dr. Dominguez Lacasa


Please note: The university cannot give you any information on whether you meet the requirements for BAföG. This is the sole responsibility of the Studentenwerk!