Strategic Tasks and Projects
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Strategic Tasks and Projects

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The strategic tasks and projects of the International Office include:

InformationOpen areaClose area

  • Compilation of project data and storage in a central repository
  • Development of standards, models, and best practices for international processes 

AdviceOpen areaClose area

  • Consultation on international project ideas, research suitable partnerships and programmes
  • Analysis of the current state of internationalisation at the university and the development of strategic recommendations for university management

SupportOpen areaClose area

  • Application assistance for third-party funds as part of university internationalisation programmes (e.g. from the German Academic Exchange Service)
  • Help with the implementation of international projects, e.g. with accounting and accreditation processes

NetworkingOpen areaClose area

  • Promotion of dialogue by TH Wildau members about their experiences in international projects
  • Fostering the network of partner universities and funding institutions

SiPP employees currently focus on the following internationalisation projects:

Internationalisation Strategy/Audit of the HRKOpen areaClose area

Following the development of its mission statement in 2019, TH Wildau is currently developing its first university-wide internationalisation strategy, with the support of the HRK Compact Audit "Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions."

DAAD Project "HAW.International" (Module A)Open areaClose area

In October 2019, a two-year project at TH Wildau was begun, supported by the DAAD funding programme "HAW.International". It has the title "From Quantity to More Quality in Internationalisation: Strategy-Based - Networked - Service-Oriented".

The funding measures include the development of the first university-wide internationalisation strategy (see also above), the networking of the Department of Engineering and Natural Sciences with partner universities in sub-Saharan Africa, and the expansion of support services for international students on the Wildau campus.

Double Degree ProgramsOpen areaClose area

The double degree programmes focus in particular on the joint study programmes with TH Wildau partner universities in Yaroslavl (Business Informatics), St. Petersburg (Industrial Engineering) and Tbilisi (Logistics).

Internationalisation 'at Home'Open areaClose area

The following projects, among others, are currently being pursued in cooperation with neighbouring departments at the TH Wildau:

  • Establishment of a certificate programme for international competences (together with Personnel Development, the International Office, and the Language Centre)
  • Administrative coordination of projects on CLIL ("Content and Language-Integrated Learning"; together, among other, with the Language Centre and Erasmus+ partner universities)
  • Development of a database for international cooperation (together with the International Office and the Business Intelligence research group)

Support of the Executive CommitteeOpen areaClose area

The section reports regularly to the Executive Committee on current internationalisation projects and supports the President in particular in the management of the Centre for International Affairs, e.g. when travelling to international partner universities.