TH Wildau's International Newsletter

Dear International Partners, Colleagues, & Students,

We are excited to announce the online home of TH Wildau's International Newsletter.

We plan to publish twice a year. Each newsletter will announce upcoming events, relevant developments involving our international partners and projects, news from on campus, and at least one portrait of someone on campus who embodies internationalisation at TH Wildau. From time to time, we will publish special thematic issues on topics of current interest.

The current newsletter (as well as previous and future editions) will also be accessible on this website. If you are not already subscribed, you can do so directly on this webpage.

We welcome your feedback, look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy each issue.

Your Newsletter Editorial Team


*To the German Version / Zur deutschen Fassung


PDF Archival Versions of the International Newsletter

Click on the link to download the PDF version of the archived version of the Newsletter. Note: File sizes can be very large (upwards of 20MB).