International Afternoon
Internationaler Nachmittag TH Wildau 2017
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International Afternoon

...a day to celebrate interculturality!

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With about 19 % international students from at least 60 different countries, TH Wildau is a place of diverstity and multiculturalism! This unique mix of nationalities, cultures, languages and traditions is a core value of TH Wildau and should be celebrated.

Let's celebrate together during the International Afternoon,
on Thrusday, Mai 11, 2023 from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m.

The following countries participate:

Bangladesh, Georgia, Egypt, Philippines, Russia, Belgium, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, France, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Bulgaria

What awaits you on this day:

  • Traditional recipes from different countries, try culinary delights
  • Language and symbols, learn how to say “hi” or write your name in another language
  • Typical dances, discover new movements
  • Instruments and music, learn new rhythms
  • Traditional clothing, get inspired by handmade fabrics and colors
  • Meet other students, gather information about a semester abroad

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Outgoing Mobility

TH Wildau maintains a network of contacts around the globe and has more than 70 cooperations with universities worldwide, through which students can study for a semester or even longer. However, it is important to plan long-term. To find out how to plan a stay abroad and learn more about financial aid, visit us at the International Afternoon or get more information from Dr. Angelika Schubert.

Interested in a stay abroad?

TH Wildau international

  • 18,9% international students
  • 616 international students, of which 29,2% are women
  • Students from more than 60 different nationalities
  • More than 70 active cooperations worldwide in 37 different countries
  • 80 modules in English in Bachelor and Master programmes

	Dipl.-Wirtsch.infor. (FH) Carolina Maria Winkler

Dipl.-Wirtsch.infor. (FH) Carolina Maria Winkler Dipl.-Wirtsch.infor. (FH) Carolina Maria Winkler

Tel.: +49 3375 508 378
House 13, Room 033

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