Refugee students and potential students
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Refugee students and potential students

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Refugee students and potential students

I fled from Ukraine and have questions about my residence statusOpen areaClose area

Ukrainian citizens can stay in Germany without a visa for 90 days and be recognized as war refugees according to § 24 of the Residence Act in a simplified procedure. This also applies to third-country nationals with a permanent right of residence in Ukraine or if they are in danger in their home country.

This means that they receive a right of residence for an initial period of one year, they may work, study and are entitled to social benefits (financial support, medical care, accommodation).  After the first year, the right of residence can be extended.

This requires registration with the local authority of your current place of residence.


You can find more information here:

Can I learn German at TH Wildau?Open areaClose area

TH Wildau offers German courses at different levels, online and in presence. They range from A1 to preparatory courses for the German Language Examination for University Admission (DSH). DSH exams are held several times a year.

For further information, please contact  ua_germancourses(at) or get more information at our Language Center.

What language skills are required to study at TH Wildau?Open areaClose area

Most of the degree programmes at TH Wildau are offered exclusively in German. Currently, TH Wildau offers five study programmes taught entirely in English.

For enrolment in German-language degree programmes, knowledge at level C1 is required. A provisional enrolment can also be made with level B2. However, the C1 certificate must then be provided within the first semester.


For enrolment in German degree programmes, you must have one of the following language certificates:

  • German Language Examination for University Admission (DSH-2),
  • Successful completion of the German part of the assessment test at preparatory courses (Studienkolleg),
  • Successful completion of a course of study at a German-language higher education institution,
  • Language Diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs Level II,
  • Goethe-Zertifikat C2,
  • Telc C1 University,
  • TestDaF with a test result of "four" in all four partial examinations,
  • Austrian Language Diploma C2.


For the English-language degree programs, you will need language certificates in English:

  • European Business Management (Bachelor) - Start of winter semester.

B2.2 level is required for the Bachelor's degree program. Further details can be found here: Excerpt from SPO (Official Notice 07/2022 - required level B2.2)

  • European Management (Master) - Start of winter semester

For the Master programs C1 level is required. Further details can be found here: Extract from SPO (official notification 23/2022)

  • Technical Management (Master) - Semester start summer semester

Further details can be found here: Extract from SPO (official notice14/2019 - § 6)


How do I apply to study at TH Wildau?Open areaClose area

My steps for an application for the winter semester 22/23:

  • Observe the application deadlines: An application is possible for the winter semester 2022/2023 from 0.06.22 and until 15.07.22 (requested deadline). If you are unable to meet this deadline, do not hesitate for long and apply anyway!
  • Follow the instructions on Applications for international students. Submit your online application via the service center Uni-Assist e. V. Helpful information can be found in particular in our FAQs about Uni-Assist and the Documents guidance from the Ukraine.
  • Take note of special information and offers for refugees.

I fled Ukraine but left my certificates and documents behind. How do I proceed?Open areaClose area

It is possible that an admission will be granted if the required previous education can be made plausible, for example through documents that make a certain level of education seem likely, such as semester certificates, university admission letters, student IDs, etc. Therefore, try to gather all documents from which your educational level can be deduced.

Since an application via uni-assist e. V. is mandatory for international applicants, the existing documents will be checked there or, in the case of incomplete documents, the plausibility of the educational level will be checked.

If uni-assist e. V. does not consider your educational level to be sufficient for studying at the TH Wildau, you have the possibility to apply for TH Wildau’s preparation programme Wildau Foundation Year.

Graduated from school in Ukraine, not yet studied/first year of study?Open areaClose area

I graduated from school in Ukraine and have not yet studied / am in my first year of study. Can I apply to study at TH Wildau?

If you graduated from school (Atestat) in Ukraine after 2012, you must have completed one academic year in Ukraine before you can apply to a German university. You can find more information here:

If you have not yet studied in Ukraine or were unable to complete the first year of study (i.e. if you do not have proof of completion of the first year of study), then you can first complete the Wildau Foundation Year:

The prerequisite for the Wildau Foundation Year is a German certificate B1. The application deadline is expected to be 30.06.2022.


I will not be able to complete my school-leaving certificate this year.Open areaClose area

Due to the war, I will not be able to complete my school-leaving certificate this year. Can I still apply to TH Wildau?

If you attended a Ukrainian school in the last school year but were unable to graduate in 2022, you can still apply to study at TH Wildau. This option is provided for persons who enjoy a residence permit for temporary protection in Germany according to § 24 of the Residence Act. Instead of a school-leaving certificate, please submit half-year reports from the eleventh grade as well as other existing documents that prove your school attendance.

Please note: With a Ukrainian school-leaving certificate after 11 years of schooling, it is not possible to take up studies directly. In this case, you must first complete the Wildau Foundation Year. German language skills at B1 level are required for this.


Where can I get financial help?Open areaClose area

For students, there is the possibility of support from the regular social fund of our student council (StuRa). Prospective students and students who have fled can also get advice on possible financial and psychosocial support services in German and English from the Studentenwerk Potsdam.

If you were in Ukraine when the war broke out and fled the country, your status as a war refugee entitles you to social benefits in Germany. This includes costs for education. In addition, you are allowed to register as a job seeker and apply for scholarships. You can find an overview of general funding for Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian students on the Website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).




Fleeing Ukrain with no Ukrainian citizenship?Open areaClose area

Do the study opportunities presented here also apply to international students without Ukrainian citizenship who are fleeing Ukraine?

Yes, those affected can inform themselves and apply at TH Wildau as described above, just like everyone else.


Belarusian or Russian citizenship? Can I apply at TH Wildau?Open areaClose area

I have Belarusian or Russian citizenship and am interested in studying at TH Wildau. Can I apply for it?

Applications from Belarusian and Russian students for study places at the TH Wildau are possible.