Our mission statement at TH Wildau
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Our mission statement at TH Wildau

Our mission statement was developed in 2015 and documents the tasks and obligations to which our university has committed itself.

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Our mission statement


The mission statement presented here documents the tasks and obligations to which our university has committed itself. It forms the basis for ideas for potential changes at the university and provides us with our self-determined long-term goals. It therefore serves as a standard against which we and others can evaluate our activities.

1. Excellence

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau strives for excellence in its degree programmes, teaching and research by bringing together science and economics, an international mindset and a focus on the future. It is implicit that we aim to achieve more than our tasks and obligations require. A distinctive feature of this is how closely applied research and development is connected with our practical approach to teaching.

2. Responsibility

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau acknowledges its responsibility to its students, future employers and society. It is for this reason that we provide our students with key competencies that are characterised by an awareness of specialist knowledge to the required level of complexity as well as social and intercultural awareness. By providing modern and innovative services for students, we are able to ensure that we satisfy the teaching and learning conditions necessary for enhancing student performance.
We promote equal opportunities and strive to ensure it is possible to reconcile familial, academic, and professional obligations.
The university is committed to promoting healthy living and we see it as our aim to support all our members in developing a lasting awareness of health matters and promote healthy living as one of our core tasks.

3. Collaboration

We consider an international outlook and tolerance as key components in our strategy for success in the future. For a long time now, our collaborations have focussed primarily on Eastern Europe and continue to be increased and expanded as a key aspect of Wildau University’s international activities. We strive for dynamic and productively balanced collaborations.

4. Partnership

Our university is committed to its ongoing development as a highly sought-after and reliable partner for the drivers of growth and the economy in the region. Our active support for small and medium-sized businesses and administrations is focussed on the desire for ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development.

5. Quality

We consider the evaluation of our teaching, research and administration to be an instrument for developing and ensuring our quality standards, providing transparency and a foundation for comparing our effectiveness at all levels, both within and outside of the university.

6. Performance

By supporting our staff, we see the key potentials for achieving the level of performance we require. Collaboration is characterised by information and transparency, democratic participation and the willingness to overcome conflict. All of the TH Wildau faculty work to high standards of performance, which they are capable and willing to actively fulfil in collaboration with others.

7. Autonomy

Our understanding of autonomy is based on a healthy balance of independent university development and the required intervention by the state.

8. Participation

Wildau is part of a long tradition of outstanding engineering. Continuing this tradition and enriching it through new developments, the exposed scenic and territorial position of the city and our innovations are what give us the energy and motivation to make a crucial contribution to shaping Wildau as a prime location for education, research and economic activities.

9. Balance

We advocate ensuring a balanced relationship between competition and profiling, as well as between transparency and comparability of performance and quality in all areas of activity.

10. Sustainability

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau plays an active role in the protection and conservation of nature by embracing sustainability in all areas and activities of the university.


Wildau, 14th January 2015

Prof. Dr. László Ungvári, President