Our mission statement at TH Wildau
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Our mission statement at TH Wildau

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We are a state-of-the-art campus university.

We have close connections to the German capital city region of Berlin and Brandenburg, with a compact campus in the town of Wildau, and outstanding facilities and equipment.

We tailor our services and products to contemporary developments.

Our research and teaching in engineering and natural sciences, in computing, management, law, administration, and business studies is applied and forward-looking. We reflect on the effects of our actions on society and on the environment.

We place people at the centre.

Our work is characterised by openness to the world, mutual respect and sharing, and flat hierarchies. We are a family-friendly and health-conscious university dedicated to equal opportunities.

We connect tradition and modernity.

We draw on our tradition in engineering and apply it in the contemporary worlds of work and everyday life, responsibly shaping social change. We are innovators for new developments.

We have regional roots and international networks.

As a university that takes the initiative and listens to others, we contribute to regional development and enjoy wide-ranging contacts in our international networks.


Working together to make our university attractive for study and research.

We strengthen our university through long-term cooperation with partner institutions and by creating tailor-made products and services for numerous target groups and catering for their differing needs.

Showing ways forward in an ever more rapidly changing world.

Facing the complex issues of the future, our work is interdisciplinary and geared to the demands of today and tomorrow. Our structures and processes are professional, digital and flexible.

Promoting togetherness.

We create equal opportunities. We offer spaces for real and virtual encounters – on a campus where people come together to share knowledge and experience.

Linking teaching, research and transfer.

We network our activities in teaching, research and transfer. Our work is driven by a spirit of discovery and innovation, and by thinking outside of the box and encouraging creativity. We are committed to protecting the natural basis of our lives and to ensuring that we act sustainably.

Exploring new forms of regional and international cooperation.

In Wildau and the world, our university shapes society and seeks out new fields of activity. We see different perspectives.