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You will find all upcoming dates and events from lectures to workshops at the Welcome Center TH-Wildau here.


Veranstaltungen und Termine Welcome Center

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You will find all upcoming dates and events at TH Wildau from lectures to workshops to cultural events right here.


Veranstaltungen und Termine (TH-Wildau)

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Type of event: Information event
Organizer: Wildau University of Applied Sciences

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on campus, we will open our doors at our University Information Day - virtually and on campus - present our degree programs and services, and answer all questions about studying at TH Wildau.


                                 Hochschulinformationstag 2023

Contact person: Michael Schmidt
Tel.: +49 3375 508 383
Mail: michael_schmidt(at)
Hous 13, Room 218

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Нижче ви знайдете інформацію про курс для біженців з України:

Below you will find the course information for refugees from Ukraine:




You have school or university-certificates from Ukraine and you would like to study at TH Wildau or you would like to attend a German language course first?

У вас есть школьный или университетский аттестат из Украины, и вы хотели бы учиться в TH Wildau или сначала пройти курс немецкого языка?


Do you hold a:

- Svidoctvo pro zdobuttja povnoji zahal'noji serednoji osvity

- Atestat pro povnu zahal'nu serednju osvitu

- Dyplom kvalifikovanoho robitnyka

- Dyplom molodsoho specialista

- Bakalavr

Please contact: ua_certificates(at)


German courses

You want to learn German? We offer German courses at different levels, ranging  from A1 to preparatory courses for the „Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)“, online and in person. We offer DSH exams several times a year.

Please contact: ua_germancourses(at)



We advise, support and convey in social issues such as housing, financing, job search, further education opportunities.

Please contact: ua_advice(at)


Solidarity with Ukraine / солідарність з україною

Нижче ви знайдете всі пропозиції від TH Wildau для біженців з України

Below you will find all services of TH Wildau for refugees from Ukraine


                                 Solidarity with Ukraine / солідарність з україною


Wildau Welcome IT School für ukrainische Studierende

Додаткову інформацію про це можна знайти нижче:

You can find more information about this below:


                        Wildau Welcome IT School für ukrainische Studierende

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Would you like to support refugee students or visiting scholars and volunteer? Please contact us. You can use our  "Volunteer Engagement" form to let us know what support you offer. Thank you very much!