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Course Offers

WFY (Study Preparation Year/Wildau Foundation Year)Open areaClose area

WFY (Study Preparation Year/Wildau Foundation Year), Degree: professional entrance examination and nationally recognized DSH examination, Full-time

If you are interested, please send us the following documents to :

  •      filled out application form
  •      letter of motivation
  •      Curriculum vitae with photo
  •      Copy of passport (residence permit)
  •      Certificate German B1
  •      certified and recognized German translation of the high school diploma recognized in the home country


Course duration: September 2024 to 31.08.2025 (The start of the courses is subject to funding approval)


Course B1Open areaClose area

Course B1 , degree: internal B1-certificate, 18 SWS

If you are interested, please send the following documents to :

  •     filled out application form
  •     letter of motivation
  •     curriculum vitae with photo
  •     Copy of passport (residence title)
  •     Certificate German A2
  •     direct university entrance qualification


Course duration: 08.04.2024 to 23.08.2024 (The start of the courses is subject to funding approval)


Course C1/DSHOpen areaClose area

Course C1/DSH, completion: nationally recognized DSH examination, by semester, 18 SWS.

If you are interested, please send the following documents to :

  •      completed letter of admission
  •      letter of motivation
  •      curriculum vitae with photo
  •      Copy of passport (residence permit)
  •      Certificate German B2
  •      direct university entrance qualification


Course duration: 02.04.2024 to 14.06.2024 (The start of the courses is subject to funding approval)


Workshops (The dates will be announced in March 2024.)

Intercultural competenciesOpen areaClose area

  •     Intercultural competencies

    The workshop introduces the basics of intercultural competence. The participants deal with (their) cultural patterns and biographical imprints, they reflect on the origins of the (respective) cultural norms and values of their culture of origin and deal with them personally. In addition, they become familiar with various cultural indicator models and analytical instruments and practice the ability to take a multi-perspective view on the basis of current social and political issues. They train themselves in networked thinking and strengthen their ability to work in a team as well as to deal with situations that trigger ambiguity. In this way, this workshop helps participants to develop personally, to better understand their living environment, and it enables them to participate in democratic processes, i.e. to experience them better and consciously and to help shape them.


Presentation techniquesOpen areaClose area

  •     Presentation techniques

    In the workshop, participants receive tips and assistance for a successful presentation, conduct practice presentations, and receive detailed feedback from the instructor. They work on the content and visual design of a PowerPoint and on the oral presentation, which takes into account points such as the correct pitch of the voice, pace of speech, language, and body language.


Self and time management (in the planing)Open areaClose area

  •     Self and time management

    In the workshop, participants develop strategies to use their time and energy efficiently. They learn to create realistic schedules and to adapt them to their own biorhythms. The participants find individual and solution-oriented ways of dealing with the topics "procrastination" and "time thieves". The workshop also focuses on formulating clear, self-effective goals and preventing stress.
    In the workshop "Preparing for the internship and application training".


Scientific writing (in the planing)Open areaClose area

  •     Scientific writing

    In this workshop, the participants will acquire the basic skills required to write a thesis or dissertation and will deepen these skills in appropriate exercises. Contents of the workshop include the quality criteria for scientific work, the structure of the work and the argumentation, research and citation, as well as writing planning and process. Since the native language of the target group is not German, special attention will be paid to the style in German-language scientific papers.


Location and potential analysis (in the planing)Open areaClose area

  •     Location and potential analysis

    The comprehensive location and potential analysis provides participants with valid results in the area of their individual competencies and resources as well as in the area of personal potential triggers.

    The goal is to identify their individual competencies (strengths and areas of development), potentials or potential triggers (characteristics that promote or prevent further development and the unfolding of these competencies), as well as to enable the identification of goals, desires and possible occupational fields in comparison with future developments and perspectives in the long term and sustainably.


Application strategies and application training (in the planing)Open areaClose area

  •     Application strategies and application training

    In this workshop, the participants of the Profi Pilot project acquire the necessary know-how to successfully gain a long-term foothold in Germany according to their individual capabilities and qualification level. You will get an overview of the entire procedure for a successful career entry as well as the procedure of a successful application process in Germany. You will learn the techniques of successful self-marketing and presentations for companies, tailored to different professional requirements, while training yourself in the precise and fluent use of the German language. In order to be able to successfully manage the entry into a highly qualified job and thus an occupation with great content-related requirements and complex fields of activity, the teaching and enhancement of competencies that enable a successful start in the German working and professional world, as well as the design of classic and innovative application documents is important and essential, especially for refugees and/or immigrants.

    For this purpose, authentic situations and examples from the professional practice of personnel officers and applicants are used in role plays as well as classic exercises from assessment center procedures to illustrate and actively train the overall situation of application processes.


Introduction to corporate communications (in the planing)Open areaClose area

  •     Introduction to corporate communications

    In everyday life, people usually receive little to no feedback on their own appearance and behavior. But without honest, even critical feedback on communication, appearance and working methods, you cannot improve them either. No matter whether you want to convince in a direct conversation, at a selection interview in a job application process, in a work meeting or through a presentation: Good communication and successful presentation in companies and other places can be trained and improved i.e. learned like a dance step by step. In this communication and self-management workshop, you will not only receive feedback from the trainer (and other participants), but through active training in role plays and exercises based on examples from your personal and professional environment, you will be able to better assess and understand yourself in the future, influence new situations and people positively and to your satisfaction, but above all learn to communicate better. Through the varied method mix of theoretical input and goal-oriented exercises based on it, how you, for example, also in challenging conversation situations sovereign and confident appear and communicate purposefully, while remaining authentic and convincing. Become clearer and more convincing in your communication, gain fluency, improve your self-presentation and external impact.


Specialized courses

EnglishOpen areaClose area

semesterly, in February and July/August, 1 month á 8-12 SWS, level independent

DAF Extra at the Language Center

DAF Extra at the Language CenterOpen areaClose area