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Cordially welcome to the Welcome Center of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

The most important goal of the Welcome Center, in accordance with the mission statement of our university, is to assume responsibility toward society. With our services for refugees, we try to enable their successful participation in society and the development of their individual potential. To this end, we work in an international team, closely networked regionally and nationally with other projects and actors at the university, civil society, institutions, and organizations.

The Welcome Center offers further education and support for refugees interested in studying and prepares them professionally and linguistically for studying in Germany. Our services also include individually structured counseling, the teaching of interdisciplinary skills, and measures to prepare for and successfully integrate into the German labor market.

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In everyday university life, young people with and without a refugee background get to know, support, and network with each other.
We would like to promote this support based on the need to help, interact and assume social responsibility more strongly with the project "Welcome - Students get involved with refugees", which has been funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 2016. Student support encompasses various areas of responsibility. These include support services in the context of applying for a course of study or an internship (e.g. BAföG application, recognition of certificates, application) as well as help in finding an apartment or a place at a daycare center. Our student assistants are also responsible for the planning, preparation, and implementation of extracurricular events inside and outside the university or for organizing the participation, of course, participants in extracurricular, sports, and cultural activities. In addition, we support our students in their voluntary work.


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The project of the TH Wildau, which has been funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 2016, offers refugees the opportunity to acquire the professional and/or linguistic prerequisites for taking up studies at a German university and to familiarize themselves with university life and the region during the preparatory period by participating in a wide range of extracurricular activities. In addition, we also support and accompany the course participants during their studies and during their transition to the German labor market. In cooperation with other areas of the university and (supra-)regional educational actors, we are constantly developing our offerings for our target groups, as well as for other target groups, on the basis of identified needs.                       


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The PROFI Pilot project at TH Wildau, which is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), develops continuing education opportunities for refugee academics and advises and accompanies the highly qualified target group in a cooperative process during the educationally appropriate transition into the highly specialized German labor market. Cooperation with various network partners inside and outside the university plays a decisive role in this. In addition to language and specialized courses, workshops and ongoing individual counseling and coaching, the program includes labor market integration measures, such as getting to know small and medium-sized ( higher) regional employers or placement in an internship.


Here is the LINK to the project pag vom DAAD und zur Website von PROFi Pilot