Important documents
Passport and suitcase

Important documents

Before you leave your home country, please don't forget to pack all important documents. We prepared a checklist for you so that you don't forget any of them.

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What should I bring to Germany?


Exchange students

Full time students



ID Card (EU),
Passport and visa (others)

ID Card (EU),
Passport and visa (others)



Confirmation of Arrival and Departure (Erasmus+)

Confirmation of insurance valid in Germany (if you have one)



Credit card (and PIN code),
Sufficient cash money,
Scholarship confirmation

Credit card (and PIN code),
Sufficient cash money


International Office

Before and during your time at the TH Wildau the team at the International Office is your central contact point.

Mr. Simon Devos
Mrs. Carolina Winkler

House 13, Room 038