Grüner Campus der TH Wildau


On our green campus, located on a historic industrial site, you never have far to travel and there are great opportunities for relaxation before and after classes.

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Green campus with opportunities for relaxation

The TH Wildau is a campus university. The teaching and administration buildings, dining room and library are all located on an interconnected site by the Wildau S-Bahn train station, with direct access to Berlin. This makes studying in Wildau exceptionally convenient, because you don’t have any long journeys to negotiate between classes.

Modern infrastructure with tradition

The TH Wildau campus is located on a historic industrial and manufacturing site. Where once locomotives were built in vast production halls, today people study, teach and research. Some of the teaching and laboratory facilities of the TH Wildau have been housed within these historic walls, while for others new buildings have been constructed. This extraordinary mix of old and new continues to attract visitors with a passion for architecture – not to mention students.

Prizewinning university library

The TH Wildau has a state-of-the-art library in an architecturally dazzling industrial production hall. In 2012 it was nominated ‘Library of the Year’ – and not without reason. With its wide range of forward-looking services, the library is well out in front, and is setting new standards by developing novel technical solutions for library organisation.

10 years of the TH Wildau university campus

The buildings of the TH Wildau have all been together on one site for more than ten years now. That’s a good occasion for looking backwards as well as forwards.

Former students, professors and staff tell their stories about studying and working on the campus, the old parts of the campus and the developments of recent years.

Orientation on campus

Impressions of the campus