Airline Management / Aviation Security
Studiengang Luftfahrt
Subject area

Airline Management / Aviation Security

Research focus

Research and teaching focusses on aviation management, especially on airline and airport management, airport planning incl. capacity planning, simulation and aviation security.

Service description

  • Airline management
  • Optimisation of airline processes
  • Aviation security
  • Traffic and capacity prognoses
  • Flight safety
  • Airport noise analyses
  • Determination of aircraft emissions
  • Air traffic concepts (regional/national/international)
  • Privatisation of airports
  • Airport expansions
  • Airfield planning
  • Optimisation of airport processes (incl. simulation of sub-systems)

Person of contact

	Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Hotes

Head of subject area Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Hotes Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Hotes