Logistics and Transport Telematics
Transferpass Telematik für Logistik und Verkehr
Transfer Pass

Logistics and Transport Telematics

Informatics / Telematics

Areas of competence

  • Telematics (Telecommunication, Informatics, Networks, IT-Security, IT-Safety)
  • IT for Logistics (Goods transport, warehousing, ident technologies)
  • Traffic and Transport Telematics (Fleet management, positioning, navigation)
  • Simulation: 3D and Virtual Reality
  • Counseling and concept design
  • Research and development projects
  • Development of complete IT applications
  • Trainings and Lectures


  • Satellite Navigation Equipment
  • Software Engineering Tools, warehousing solutions
  • Mobile Devices for Intra-logistics


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Brunthaler

Tel.: +49 3375 508 278
Mail: Stefan.Brunthaler@th-wildau.de
Haus 14, Raum A227

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