Digitalization in products and processes
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Digitalization in products and processes

Informatics / Telematics

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Areas of competence

  • Business Intelligence (Management, visualization and analysis of data)
  • Database-oriented requirementsmanagement in the automotive domain
  • Automotive SPiCE (ISO 15504)
  • Functional Safety (ISO 26262)
  • Development of cooperative driver assistance systems (Vehicle2X-Communication)


  • Laboratory for Business Intelligence (36 PC-workplaces)
  • Laboratory for Smart Process Integration (18 PC-workplaces)


  • 2 V2X-Stations

Software licenses

  • IBM Rational DOORS - Database-oriented requirementsmanagement
  • Mathworks Matlab Simulink / Stateflow - Modelling and simulation of functions
  • Vires Virtual Test Drive - Test and presentation of assistance systems
  • Elektrobit ADTF - Framework for development of assistance systems
  • Microsoft SQL Business Intelligence Framework - Framework for management, analysis and visualization of data

Patents / inventions

  • Method for estimating relevance of e. g. motor vehicles assigned to information plane of car2X-network, involves determining positions of vehicles, and classifying vehicles as relevant when planes of vehicles are moved on ego-vehicle, DE 10 2010 054 080 A1
  • Method for transmitting and processing information of e. g. pedestrian, at roadside, involves transmitting position and form of object with respect to vehicle to determine position of object and hazard potential with respect to vehicle, DE 10 2010 023 603 A1
  • Procedures and warning device for securing a source of danger, especially road transport, DE 10 2013 005 073 A1

Membership in networks

  • Working committee for business computing
  • CPPS / i3C (Cyberphysical production systems / information - computation, control, communication)
  • Association of german engineers
  • Wildau Institute of Technology (WIT e. V.)
  • proITCar e. V.


  • Automobile manufacturer (e. g. Volkswagen AG, Ferrari S. p. A.)
  • Automotive supplier (e. g. Renesas Electronics, IAV GmbH, Carmeq GmbH)

Advanced vocational training opportunities:

  • Practical introduction in the topic of business intelligence (Management, visualization and analysis of data)
  • Training and database-oriented requirementsmanagement in the automotive Domain using IBM Rational DOORS
  • Training for Automotive SPiCE (ISO 15504)
  • Training for Functional Safety (ISO 26262)
  • Introduction in relevant aspects of the development of cooperative driver assistance systems (Vehicle2X-Communication)


	Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kubica

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kubica Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kubica

Tel.: +49 3375 508 327
House 13, Room 108

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