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Contact point of European Initiatives in Brandenburg

European Initiatives

The TH Wildau supports the Brandenburg region in boosting its digitalisation and competitiveness

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Our university supports the Brandenburg region in boosting its competitiveness in the digital era, by acting as a contact point for two thematic European Initiatives, the I4MS and the AI4EU.


I4MS: ICT Innovation for manufacturing SMEs

The I4MS is the initiative promoted by the European Commission to foster the digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs and midcaps in Europe in order to boost their competitiveness in the digital era.

As a Gold Contact Point of the I4MS Initiative, the TH Wildau:

  • Shares I4MS opportunities among SMEs
  • Promotes knowledge exchange
  • Encourages cross-border cooperation
  • Informs about the latest market trends
  • Provide information about funding opportunities fpr SMEs
  • Organises events on the online community
  • Offers support to SMEs via I4MS Brokering System

Get to know more about the initiative: and

AI4EU: Building the European AI on-demand platform Initiative

The AI4EU is the initiative promoted by the European Commission to create a supportive platform on AI for European organisations for sharing a repository of AI knowledge and align experts in AI research to support innovation and technology transfer to SMESs and low tech SMEs.

As Supportive Partner of the AI4EU, we promote knowledge exchange from AI experts to AI receivers, encourage the use of the platform, provide access to funding opportunities.

The Platform can be accessed here:

Funding opportunities

The table summarizes the grants made available by the two initiatives. Some of the grants are cash, some of them are a combination of cash and support measures (services, training, assistance).

The summary table of the grants made available by I4MS and AI4EU can be accessed/downloaded under this link:

Your Contact Persons

	Chiara Bearzotti

Contact for EU-Funding Chiara Bearzotti Chiara Bearzotti

Tel.: +49 3375 508 233
House 13, Room 044

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	Dipl.-Ing. Anne Hirsch

Contact for SME-Networking Dipl.-Ing. Anne Hirsch Dipl.-Ing. Anne Hirsch

Tel.: +49 3375 508 836
House 13, Room 38

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