Digital Logistics Management (JD M. Eng.)
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Digital Logistics Management (JD M. Eng.)

Georgia / Germany

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Joint Master in Digital Logistics Management

Welcome on the website of the international master's programme Digital Logistics Management (DLM).



Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Language of instruction


Modes of study


Standard duration

4 semesters

Programme start

winter semester

Places of study

Caucasus University, Tbilisi, Georgia / TH Wildau


only at Caucasus University, Tbilisi, Georgia >>> Homepage





Joint Master in Digital Logistics Management

The international master's programme Digital Logistics Management (DLM) combines technical, technological and business management content to teach the digital transformation of logistics and supply chain processes in technical terms, taking a holistic view (interdisciplinary view, i.e. legal and organisational interdependencies as well as questions of acceptance are essential components of the transformation processes) of personnel leadership culture, project management as well as sustainable development.

Learning objectives

Students will be able to analyse logistics systems and specify system requirements as well as develop and evaluate suitable technical (especially digital) solutions and select those that best meets these requirements. Graduates will be able to:

  • define technical and economic requirements for logistics systems from both physical and information and communication technology (ICT) incl. Internet of Things (IoT) / Industry 4.0,
  • compile modern project management methods such as agile project management (Scrum) including the creation of requirement and functional specifications for the various logistics systems within the scope of a project and apply their quality from a planning, operational and manufacturing perspective and conduct holistic risk assessment (economic, technical, social),
  • Understand the functionality of ICT solutions for the digital transformation of material flow and / or transport systems, specify requirements for these and select and evaluate suitable system solutions,
  • Identify challenges in collaborative projects for the realisation of conceptual system solutions, regardless of the type of logistics process, and apply methods and strategies for overcoming them in a targeted manner, as well as promote cooperation between the operating, planning and manufacturing companies.

Contact coordinator

Prof. Dr. Georgi Doborjginidze

Co-head of the joint
Master's Program in Digital Logistics Management

Georgian Logistics Association
11/23 Atoneli Str
0105 Tbilisi, Georgia


Office: +(99532) 210 27 01
Mob.: + (995 577) 473 332
Mob 2: +(372) 547 08 816

Email: gdoborjginidze(at)

Local coordinator TH Wildau Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Gillert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Gillert

Tel.: +49 3375 508 240
House 16, Room 0089

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