Education for sustainable development
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Education for sustainable development

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Education for sustainable development (ESD) is an education that enables people to think and act in a way that is fit for the future. It enables each individual to understand the impact of their own actions on the world and thus to shape their living environment in a sustainable way.

ESD is a holistic and transformative education. The goal of ESD at universities is to enable students to deal with the major challenges of our time, to develop sustainable solutions and to actively take responsibility for society.


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Zukunftsfähige Curricula gestalten - eine Handreichung zur curricularen Verankerung von Hochschulbildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Leitfaden Hoch N: Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (BNE) in der Hochschullehre (german)

ESD-portal of the Federal Ministry of education and research



Sustainicum collection


The virtual academy of sustainability:

The Virtual Academy of Sustainability at the University of Bremen offers interested individuals video-based courses on sustainability topics.

Virtual Academy of sustainability