Business Computing (M.Sc.)
Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik
Master's programme

Business Computing (M.Sc.)

The focus here lies on conveying management skills as well as strategic and scientific capabilities.

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Key facts


Master of Sience

Language of instruction


Modes of study

full-time, part-time

Standard duration

4 semesters (full-time), 7 semesters (part-time)

Programme start

winter semester


no tuition fees (the university only charges semester fees each semester)

Application deadlines

current application deadlines


Business, Computing and Law

Study objectives

The focus of the Business Computing degree programme lies on conveying management skills as well as strategic and scientific capabilities From a technical point of view, the degree programme aims to provide an understanding of quantifiable processes. The emphasis here is on the development of theories and models, strategic planning and analysis of processes, project management as well as project implementation.

Objectives of the degree programme are:

  • Strategic and conceptual thought
  • Ability to communicate and work in a team
  • Ability to work independently and responsibly

Course contents

  • Information technology
  • Business computing
  • Business administration
  • Projects
  • Master's thesis

Programme structureOpen areaClose area

Web Applications

ERP Systems

Advanced Data Warehousing / Data Mining

Strategic IT Management

Information Technology Law

Enterprise Application Integration


Project I

E-Business (B2B Collaborative Business)

Elective Module: Business Administration/ Introduction to Business Psychology and Business Sociology

IT Security

Project II

Location Planning

E-Business (B2C)

Elective Module: Business Computing

Career opportunitiesOpen areaClose area

As an interface between business administration and information technology,
business computing leads to work in a range of different areas, including:

  • Manufacturing and service businesses in the private sector
  • Management consultancy firms, banks
  • Municipality, district, state or federal authorities
  • Associations

Admission requirements and applicationOpen areaClose area

General admission requirements

Admission qualifications

Specific admission requirements

  • The knowledge and skills required to gain entry onto the Master's degree programme must be verified by a first qualification at higher education level (diploma, bachelor) in accredited degree courses in telematics or business computing.
  • Graduates of other degree programmes fulfil the admission requirements, provided that these degree programmes include courses, the contents of which are based on:
    • at least 8 credit points with a combined total covering object-oriented programming or databases and
    • at least 8 credit points with a combined total covering ERP systems, business application systems, data analytics or operations research and
    • at least 12 credit points with a combined total covering accounting, finance and investment, logistics, marketing, personnel management or production management.
  • To be admitted to this degree programme, overseas applicants must possess sufficient German language skills. This may be demonstrated with an overall grade of DSH-2 or better from the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für Hochschulen (DSH) language exam.
  • To demonstrate proficiency in English, applicants for the Master's degree programme have to:
    • a) have appropriate language proficiency equivalent to at least B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The annex lists the certificates which are accepted, provided they are not more than two years old. For examinations or certificates older than two years, the languages officer at TH Wildau will make a decision on case-by-case basis as to whether the applicant’s language skills are sufficient.
    • b)  have successfully passed all technical English modules stipulated in the  bachelor's or diploma study programme qualifying for this master's degree programme at a university belonging to a member state of the European Union and provided the certificates do not show a level lower   than that stated in a), or

    • c) pass a written and oral test, which tests level B2, with the competent language tutor at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau.


You can apply to TH Wildau online. All the information you need to apply can be found on our central application page.

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Degree programme director

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Mathias Walther
Telefon:+49 3375 508 277
E-Mail: wim.wir(at)

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