Research fields and research groups

Research fields and research groups at TH Wildau

R&D and knowledge and technology transfer form a unit in the university. The variety of professional expertise is summarised in 6 research fields.

Key aspects of the research profile

TH Wildau is one of the top research universities in Germany. Over 203,000 EUR was raised in third-party funding for each professor in 2015. In 2017, the university was once again able to raise 11 million EUR - two thirds of its budget. TH Wildau stands out in three key areas of research which have been recognised on the research map by the conference of vice chancellors:

  • Applied life sciences
  • Informatics/telematics
  • Optical technologies/photonics

The university further specialises in the research fields of production and materials, transport and logistics as well as management and law.

TH Wildau has also recognised digitalisation as a driver for development in its research and teaching activities. As a result, "digital integration" has been defined as an interdisciplinary topic for the coming years.

Research fields

Research institutes at TH Wildau