Conflict Advisory Service
Wegweiser Konflikt

Conflict Advisory Service

Neben der konkreten Konfliktberatung und Mediation bieten wir auch Unterstützung bei Sitzungen und Meetings an.

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Conflict Advisory Service at the Technische Hochschule Wildau—University of Applied Sciences

We offer counseling and mediation as conflict advisors at TH Wildau. We also offer to moderate meetings - even if there is no conflict.

We are available during Corona - send us an e-mail and we will organise telephone or online consultation.


TH Wildau wants to promote a good handling of conflicts. Conflicts can be an opportunity to improve work processes and relationships. It is not the conflicts that are the problem, but the way they are handled.

What We Offer

We offer all students and employees of the TH Wildau advice in case of conflict. We act neutrally and confidentially and offer a first orientation as well as further support if required.

In a consultation, you can gain clarity about what options you have in the event of a conflict. This can help you decide who to turn to at TH Wildau. It can lead to individual conflict counseling talks or mediation. Conflict counseling can also help with the search for external conflict management options.

We also offer the moderation of meetings and meetings for project teams and students at TH Wildau. Sometimes it helps when a bystander provides structure.

TH Wildau is a member of the Round Table for Mediation and Conflict Management in Public Organisations.

Your Contact Persons

Contact us by phone or E-mail for an individual appointment.

Conflict Consultant for all Persons at the TH Wildau

	Dr. Gregory Bond

Dr. Gregory Bond


Tel.: +49 3375 508 366
House 100, Room 405

To the profile

Conflict advisor at TH Wildau is Dr. Gregory Bond (M.A. Mediation, Europa-Universität Viadrina), trained and practicing mediator (Licensed Federal Association Mediation, certified mediator according to the German mediation law, member of the mediator pool of the state of Brandenburg). He advises all persons at the Technische Hochschule Wildau—University of Applied Sciences in internal and external conflicts.