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Support in mathematics

Based on our experience that deficits in mathematics often arise in everyday study life or that the previous knowledge of first-year students is not always sufficient to be able to follow the lecture, various forms of support in mathematics have been developed at TH Wildau. These offers start at different levels of mathematics teaching and support you in working through difficulties. Find out more about the various offers in mathematics below. If you need further information about our support for maths, e. g. material for self-study, please contact Ms Jeremias.


Support and materials in mathematics

E-Assessment for MathematicsOpen areaClose area

If you are thinking of enrolling in a degree programme as an international or exchange student at TH Wildau, we recommend that you check your previous knowledge in mathematics. According to our experience math skills are essential not only in STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), but also in business degrees.

Please find below our e-assessment for mathematics. All maths problems in this e-assessment refer to the curriculum of secondary schools – the degree programme contents are based on this knowledge.


Mathematics CounsellingOpen areaClose area

Mathematics counselling is an individual counselling service. It is available to students of TH Wildau and to those interested in studying in Wildau. The counselling is free of charge for these target groups.

The reason for such counselling can be various:

  • You went to school in another country and are unsure whether the math content matches the requirements at TH Wildau
  • You went to school a long time ago and assume that you need to brush up on your previous knowledge before you start studying. But how?
  • During your studies you realise that you are having difficulties keeping up in mathematics. Your own strategies do not seem to bring sufficient success.
  • You have failed a mathematics exam and wonder how you should prepare for the repeat exam.
  • ...

In mathematics counselling, a suitable approach is worked out, e.g. a sensible order of the topics to be studied, which takes into account which topics build on one another. If you have any questions, you can write a short email to Ms Jeremias. The appointments will be arranged individually.

Preparation for MathematicsOpen areaClose area

In case you need preparation for your maths modules, there are special books in the library you may use. You will find them here. It is not possible to take these books home but there is a possibility to scan the content in the library.

Materials on Mathematics in StudiesOpen areaClose area

Mathematical terms in German, English and Spanish:

German - English (Excel or PDF)

German - Spanish (Excel or PDF)

Statistical terms in German, English and Spanish:

German - English (Excel or PDF)

German - Spanish (Excel or PDF)

In addition, the following study tip can help you in your mathematics course.

Calculators in StudiesOpen areaClose area

Here you will find guidance on which calculator you can use during your studies.

Important: Only the examiner decides whether a pocket calculator is generally permitted and, if so, which one! Information about the permitted aids can be found in the examination schedule (in German: "Prüfungsschema"), which must be announced at the beginning of the semester. Using an unauthorized calculator will be considered as a fraud attempt!

If a "simple" or "scientific" calculator is permitted, this excludes many school calculators if they are programmable or graphically capable or have more advanced mathematical functions (e.g. solving equations or deriving functions). You can borrow "simple" or "scientific" calculators from the library. Further information can be found here under "Ausleihe von Taschenrechnern" (in English: "Loan of calculators").

Use the following list to determine whether the calculator you own or are considering to purchase is considered as "simple" or "scientific" calculator:

"Simple" or "Scientific" Calculator

Calculator with Additional Functions


Casio FX-82 Solar II

Casio FX-82DE X

Casio FX-82MS 2nd Edition

Casio FX-82DE Plus

Casio FX-220 PLUS 2nd Edition

Casio FX-85DE CW


Casio FX-85DE X


Casio FX-87 (all types)


Casio FX-991DE X

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments TI 30 (exceptions in column on the right)

TI 30X Plus MathPrint


TI-30X Plus MultiView


TI 30X Pro MathPrint


TI-30XS MultiView


TI-30XB MultiView


Sharp EL-531 all

Sharp EL-501

Sharp EL-W531XG

Sharp EL-506 (all types)


Sharp EL-W506 (all types)


Sharp EL-510RT


Sharp EL-520TG


Sharp EL-W531TG


Olympia LCD 8110


Please note that these are calculator series. The exact type designation usually differs slightly.


If you need a "simple" or "scientific" calculator and it is not on the list, please make sure it has the same functionality as these calculators. To do this, compare your operating instructions with this list of permitted functions:



not Permitted


least common multiple, greatest common divisor


solving systems of (in)equations

periodic decimal fraction

calculating a minimum or maximum of a function


differential and integral calculus

prime factorization

probability calculation

residual function (modulo)

calculation of complex numbers

angle dimensions DEG/RAD/GRAD

matrix calculation/vector calculation

conversions between DEG/RAD/GRAD

calculations in the sexagesimal system

coordinate conversion Pol Rec


algebraic functions, e.g.
1x, x!, xn, nX, 10x, ex, log(x), ln(x)


trigonometric functions, e.g.
sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), sin-1(x), cos-1(x), tan-1(x)


hyperbolic functions, e.g.
sinh(x), cosh(x), sinh-1(x), cosh-1(x)


simple table of values for functions


calculations with different bases, e.g.
binary, octal, hexadecimal


logical operators, e.g.




not Permitted

summation ∑x, ∑xy

position and dispersion measures, e.g.
median and quartiles

standard deviations for grouped and ungrouped values

distribution functions, e.g.
normal distribution, inverse normal distribution, binomial distribution, Poisson distribution

permutation (nPr), combination (nCr)


regression analysis


other Functions


not Permitted

memory function


repeat function

spreadsheets (calculations, diagrams, etc.)

technical notation ENG

output of graphics

random number generator

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