European Management (M.A.)
Europäisches Management Master
Master's programme

European Management (M.A.)

Master's programme in International Business with a focus on the European business environment.
All courses are given in English.

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The degree programme for those enrolled until 2023 is shown here.

For the new degree programme from 2024 onwards, please click here.


Key facts


Master of Arts

Language of instruction


Modes of study

full-time, half-time

Standard duration

4 semester (full-time), 7 semester (half-time)

Programme start

winter semester

Credit Points/ECTS

120 Credit Points/ECTS


no tuition fees (the university only charges semester fees each semester), (details)

Application deadlines

current application deadlines


Business, Computing and Law

Study objectives

The two-year Master’s programme in European Management provides expert knowledge in international management with a European perspective. The programme can be fully completed in English language and is thus a perfect choice for international students interested in getting started in Germany or Europe as well as for German or European students preparing for an international career.

Programme StructureOpen areaClose area

During three semesters of courses, students will acquire expert management skills in different core areas of international management:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

In addition students will have the possibility to gain first-hand professional business experience in an international business project, get a European perspective on economic and public policy and on international management, acquire skills in project management and negotiating, and have a chance to improve on an additional language (German, French, Spanish).  In the fourth and final semester students write a Master’s thesis on a topic of their own choice.

As part of the European Management Master’s programme to study abroad with one of our partner universities and/or obtain a double degree (France - Lille 1 University or Spain - University of Cordoba).

All courses are taught in small groups, consisting of interactive onsite sessions enriched by multimedia content and exercises provided in an e-learning environment. Students have 24/7 access to the library.

Admission Requirements and ApplicationOpen areaClose area

General admission requirements

Please mind that due to a change in study regulations, admission criteria have been modified as of May 2022.


The prerequisite for admission to the master’s degree programme in European Management is a professional qualification from a related field of study from a higher education institution. The Bachelor's degree programmes of European Management, European Business Administration, Business Management, and Business and Law at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau are deemed related fields of study.


Graduates of degree programmes with a different orientation must provide proof that the course content is comparable to degree programmes in a related field of study.

Degree programmes containing at least five modules of the following fields of study in an adequate form are deemed comparable:


  • Basics of Business Management
  • Economics
  • Basic Mathematics and Statistics
  • Finance and Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Human resources and Human Resources Management
  • Controlling
  • Accounting
  • Taxation and Tax Law
  • EU Law and the Institutions of the European Union

These modules can also have been completed as part of a master's degree (e.g., MBA).

In case of doubt, the degree programme director will take the decision on the application. Relevant work experience over and beyond the eight weeks in § 6 (2a) can be taken into account when assessing the student’s qualifications.

Special admission requirements

(1)    Proof of an internship or professional experience appropriate to the objectives of the degree programme (§ 1). The experience must have taken place in a country different from the student’s home state, or have a substantial international orientation. It must have a duration at least eight weeks in total; proof must be provided at the time of the application.

(2)    For admission to this degree programme, applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of English in at least one of the following forms:

a) Proof of at least C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER) (recognised documents and certificates as in the valid version of the Proof of English Language Skills for Enrolment at TH Wildau -> Link),


b) Proof of B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER) (recognised documents and certificates as in the valid version of the Proof of English Language Skills for Enrolment at TH Wildau -> Link), and successful completion of modules of at least 40 Credit Points (CP) conducted in English in a bachelor’s degree programme that qualifies for admission to thjs master’s degree programme,


c) Proof of English language skills is also accepted if applicants can prove that they have acquired their higher education entrance qualification or a higher education degree in English.


(3)    If the degree programme offers a limited number of places, the Regulations of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau for the admission of students into such programmes in their applicable version must be taken into account.


(4)    In accordance with the Regulations of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau for selecting students in degree programmes offering a limited number of places – in case that this degree programme offers a limited number of places – an English letter of motivation is required as an additional criterion for admission. In this letter, the applicant must demonstrate their motivation for choosing this degree programme on at least two and at most three pages. The letter of motivation must be submitted with the other application material by the deadline.


Please check the following links for more details:

Application deadline and process

Applying with foreign school / university degree certificates

 via Uni- Assist


Applying with a German university admission qualification / German degree


Applying as an exchange students (Erasmus+ etc.)

Alumni‘s PerspectivesOpen areaClose area

Alumni EMM16

Sara Canales

El Salvado

One of the aspects I like the most about the European Management degree is that students have the possibility to put the theory into practice by working with companies through different projects. Not only does this give a real life feeling and experience but it also helps to discover and develop skills that are essential for a future professional life.

Although my main subject was marketing, I also had the possibility to gain knowledge in financial topics which enabled me to develop and strengthen my analysis skills and contemplate different situation from a broader perspective.

Moreover, through this study course I learned better how to work in an international environment with people from different backgrounds and cultures - which I really enjoyed!


Anvar Beishembi


The European Management Master Program is a good combination of practical knowledge, such as real projects with companies and other universities, as well as theoretical knowledge. Courses given in this Program are targeted to meet today's labour market demand. Students have a great opportunity to have general as well as in-depth knowledge in such fields as Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management, Project Management and Decision Making. Another distinctive feature of this program is that it is truly international: in the same class you will work together with students from Europe, Africa, Russia, South America and Asia.





More pratical information see below - Alumni Experience / Career


Career OpportunitiesOpen areaClose area

Senior management positions especially in the areas of:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Accounting & Controlling
  • Finance
  • Strategic Management

The Master‘s degree qualifies for senior civil service positions. A Double degree with University of Lille (France) or University of Córdoba (Spain) is possible.

Offers and further information

Contact Points

Degree Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Christian Hederer
+49 3375 508 341

Questions related to the academic programme or the transfer of credit points? Contact Prof. Dr. Hederer regarding questions specific to the European Management master's programme.


Juliane Kunzendorf
+49 3375 508 833

Student Advisory Service

Student Orientation and Advice

International Office

International Office

Application, admission, enrolment

Admission and Examinations