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The Officers of TH Wildau are responsible for looking after the special needs and interests of those associated with the university.

Accreditations: Ole PetersOpen areaClose area

Ole Peters

Tel: +49 3375 508 638
Email: ole.peters(at)
House 13, Room 217

Anti-corruption: Andrea SchmidOpen areaClose area

Andrea Schmid

Tel: +49 3375 508 648
Email: andrea.schmid(at)
House 13, Room 220

Anti-discrimination: Claudia Steinborn-MaglóczkiOpen areaClose area

The anti-discrimination officer is the contact person for all students and employees of the university who feel disadvantaged because of their ethnic origin or religion or belief.

Claudia Steinborn-Maglóczki

Phone: +49 3375 508 611
Email: claudia.steinborn(at)
House 13, Room 129

Appointments: Thomas LehneOpen areaClose area

Thomas Lehne

Tel: +49 3375 508 900
Email: kanzler(at)
House 13, room 101

Conflict consulting: Dr. Gregory BondOpen areaClose area

Dr. Gregory Bond

Tel: +49 3375 508 366
House 100, Room 405

Conflict Advisory Service

Corporate integration managementOpen areaClose area

Corporate integration management is a measure designed to help employees of Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau to return to work after a long period of illness.

Integration team

Data protection: Gregor KlarOpen areaClose area

Gregor Klar
brainosphere 1 GmbH
Witzlebenstraße 21a
D-14057 Berlin

You can reach the external data protection officer via the functional email address:

The external data protection officer supports the university in ensuring data protection and checks compliance with data protection regulations.

Equal opportunities: Dr. Andrea BöhmeOpen areaClose area

Dr. Andrea Böhme

Tel.: +49 3375 508 779 

The Equal Opportunities Officer of the TH Wildau advises and supports the committees of the university in the development and realisation of measures for equal opportunities. Furthermore, the office of the Equal Opportunities Officer serves as a contact point for those affected and interested in counselling in cases of discrimination and disadvantage, especially on the basis of age, gender and sexual orientation.

Fire protection: Stefan HüttelOpen areaClose area

Stefan Hüttel

Officer for fire protection

Phone.: +49 3375 508 230
House 14, Room A212

Information security: Bernd Heimer / Stefan Gehrke / Jörn KripkoOpen areaClose area

Heimer, Bernd

House 13 Room 117
Tel: +49 3375 508 500
Email: heimer(at)

Gehrke, Stefan

House 13 Room 120
Tel: +49 3375 508 820
Email: stefan.gehrke(at)

Kripko, Jörn

House 13 Room 120
Tel: +49 3375 508 818
Email: joern.kripko(at)

Occupational safety: Bernd RiedelOpen areaClose area

Bernd Riedel

Ospree-Arbeitsschutz GmbH
Radickestraße 48
12489  Berlin
Phone: 0172 / 3236618

People with special needs: Arne Sippel / Katja WengerOpen areaClose area

Arne Sippel (for employees)

Phone: +49 3375 508 111
House 13, Room 028

Katja Wenger (for students)

Tel: +49 3375 508 534
Email: katja.wenger(at)
House 13, Room 214

Psychological counselling: Studentenwerk PotsdamOpen areaClose area

Whether you have problems with your studies or private problems, you will find comprehensive advice and information on the website of the Studentenwerk Potsdam.

Quality management: Andrea SchmidOpen areaClose area

Andrea Schmid

Tel: +49 3375 508 648
Email: andrea.schmid(at)
House 13, Room 220