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International Student Testimonials

Timur Alexandrov (Russia, Business and Law)Open areaClose area

I got to know Wildau through my double degree. This program gives me the opportunity to study in Germany for one year. Every student dreams of such an opportunity, and I am very happy that I am here.

Aiman Ali (Pakistan, Automation Technology)Open areaClose area

TH Wildau offers a very good library system, which has helped me to be better in my studies.

Ahmed Mahmoud (Egypt, Automation Technology)Open areaClose area

The studies are fun, close to practice, and offer a familiar, motivating, and inviting atmosphere.

Sammi Chang (Taiwan, European Management)Open areaClose area

I like the small learning groups, the readiness to help, and the many practice-oriented projects at TH Wildau.

Fiorella Esquivel (Peru, Physical Technologies and Energy Systems)Open areaClose area

I came to Wildau from a partner school, and I was informed directly and personally by the International Office.

Louai Samara (Syria, Automated Energy Systems)Open areaClose area

At TH Wildau I learned how to plan and structure my time better.

Shahin Big Karimi (Afghanistan, European Management)Open areaClose area

As a young person in Iran, I could only dream of studying. With the Welcome Center at TH Wildau, this dream became a reality for me.

Abraham Neme (Mexico, Automation Technology)Open areaClose area

At TH Wildau I improved my German alongside my studies and got to know people from many different countries.

Joan Wanjiru Kinuthia (Kenya, Automation Technology)Open areaClose area

To study at TH Wildau is a wonderful experience. What I like best are the excellent facilities.

Rodrigo Teran (Ecuador, Automation Technology)Open areaClose area

Here it is easy to get into personal contact with the students and also with the professors.