Johannes Thyssen Tishman wins “DAAD Prize for Outstanding Achievements by Foreign Students at German Universities”
Johannes Thyssen Tishman nimmt Auszeichnung von Prof. Ulrike Tippe und Prof. Norbert Miersch entgegen
30. September 2020

Johannes Thyssen Tishman wins “DAAD Prize for Outstanding Achievements by Foreign Students at German Universities”

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Nothing is the same this year as in previous years, but there is one thing that TH Wildau can rely on: its excellent students. And this is true in more ways than one because the "DAAD Prize for Excellence for Foreign Students at German Universities" was awarded on 23 September. In an interview, award winner Johannes Thyssen Tishman talks about his studies, his plans and what makes TH Wildau so attractive for him.

Dear Mr. Thyssen Tishman, congratulations on the DAAD Prize of the German Academic Exchange Service. Tell us a bit about yourself: What are you studying, how long have you been at TH Wildau, where are you from?

First of all, many thanks. I am very honoured and grateful for this award. It motivates me to continue learning and to work diligently.

I was born in Berlin but grew up in Mexico and have been studying mechanical engineering here at TH Wildau since 2017.

Where and when did you find out that you were going to receive the prize - what were your thoughts?

I recently received a call from Ms Schubert from the International Office. She wanted to meet to share this wonderful news with me. In her office she told me that I had been nominated for the DAAD Prize. I felt really happy and surprised. I didn't know what to say. This was news I hadn't expected. I thanked her very much and left her office to call my family immediately and tell them the good news.

Why did you decide to study at TH Wildau?

The first time I heard about TH Wildau was when I was introduced to the university at my school in Mexico. Since I knew that I wanted to study abroad, I started to get interested in Wildau. When I learned more about the university, the following reasons were decisive:

In the end, these reasons motivated me to choose TH Wildau - a choice I am very happy with.

What would you tell pupils or professionals who are interested in (part-time) studies about why they should study in Wildau?

I would recommend everyone to study in Wildau, not only because it's a great place to study (the beautiful city of Berlin is just around the corner), but also because studying in Wildau means getting to know many people from all over the world and learning from some great professors.

What will happen for you after your studies: do you have a career wish or perhaps already a job in prospect?

After my studies I would like to continue my academic development with a master's degree in shipbuilding. But before that, I would also like to do voluntary social work, for example in Africa or India.

And finally: Do you already know what you will use the prize money for?

As I did not expect to receive this money, I do not yet have any concrete plans for it. However, lately I wanted to start learning about finance, and I think that this money could be my first great investment.

Previous career: Johannes Thyssen Tishman

Johannes Thyssen Tishmann is a graduate of the German School in Puebla, Mexico, a long-standing partner institution of TH Wildau. As part of his bachelor's programme, he spent an Erasmus study visit in summer semester 2020 at the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim/Zwolle, a partner university in the Netherlands. Despite the Corona Pandemic, Johannes Thyssen Tishman stayed in his host country and completed his planned study project very successfully.

Ever since the beginning of his studies, he has regularly supported the International Office of TH Wildau, e.g. as a buddy for foreign students. In addition, he was actively involved in TH Wildau’s student council. From a professional point of view, he was involved as a tutor for the Kinematics/Kinetics module and also took part in various extraordinary tutorials.

“He is virtually predestined for all these tasks due to his high social competence and also due to his fluent command of several languages, including German, English, Italian and Spanish (mother tongue). Thanks to his outstanding commitment, empathy and reliability, he is a valuable and valued contact person for the international students of TH Wildau in case of questions and problems,” summarises Dr. Angelika Schubert.

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