Corona-Update: Important Information On Handling the Corona Pandemic from 11 January 2021
Hinweise zum Coronoa-Virus
30. December 2020

Corona-Update: Important Information On Handling the Corona Pandemic from 11 January 2021

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Dear students,
Dear colleagues,

As announced, the Crisis Team has meanwhile discussed further procedure at our university regarding the handling of the Corona pandemic via video conference. Provided that the regulations of the containment ordinance valid after 10.01.2021 do not conflict with this, the following regulations will apply at TH Wildau from 11.01.2021:

  • Courses in the form of lectures and exercises will take place exclusively online during the entire remaining lecture period of WiSe 2020/21, i.e. until 30.01.2021.
  • Special face-to-face courses (e.g. laboratories with a high practical component, oral examinations, etc.) are permitted with up to five participants each. The planning and communication of these formats to students is carried out individually by the respective lecturers in consultation with the programme spokespersons and the dean.
  • The current examination planning from 01.02.2021 will remain as it stands.
  • The current home office regulations will be extended until 31.01.2021.


Should there be further tightening as a result of the Minister Presidents’ meeting at the beginning of January 2021, the regulations will have to be adjusted accordingly. In this case, you will of course be informed immediately via the known channels. We therefore urge you to take the above-mentioned stipulations into account; nevertheless, we must all be aware that the Minister Presidents' meeting may result in further tightening of the framework conditions at short notice!


Furthermore, it was decided - irrespective of possible changes in the framework conditions:

  • The President will issue an order at the beginning of January 2021 stating that not attending an examination up to and including 28.02.2021 will not be counted as a failed attempt.
  • The crisis team is aware that the courses with a high practical component (e.g. laboratory courses) could only be carried out to a limited extent or not successfully this semester. Even though Corona will continue to keep us busy in the coming weeks and months, we hope that the situation will ease a little, especially in the coming summer. Therefore, we will use the entire summer semester 2021 (until 31.08.2021) to be able to make up for the events that did not take place in winter semester 2020/21, or only in insufficient parts, in an appropriate form. The aim is to give all students the opportunity to complete the courses planned for them from the winter semester 2020/21 by 31.08.2021. The concrete conditions of this measure have yet to be determined, but in this way we would like to counteract any excessive extension of the duration of studies and communicate this already at this point.

We hope we have given you a little more reliability for planning with the aforementioned information, despite the still very dynamic situation regarding Corona, and we wish you and your families all the very best and a healthy (!), successful year 2021!

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