Summersemester 2021 - Procedure of the examinations
Hinweise zum Coronoa-Virus

Summersemester 2021 - Procedure of the examinations

What regulations apply to the examination period in the summer semester 2021? Here you can find important information.

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Presence exams

What rules apply to the process?Open areaClose area

  • Please allow more time than usual and arrive at the examination room in good time (at least 30 minutes before the start of the examination) and enter one after the other with the necessary distance to other persons.
  • In rooms with two doors, the entrance and the exit are marked. Please note this carefully when entering and leaving the room.
  • Students please sign the examination protocol at the examiner's desk and use their own pen (no pencil!). It must be avoided that the examination protocol "wanders" through the rows.
  • At the end of the examination, leave the room in the same disciplined manner as when you entered (in rows, one after the other, at a distance).
  • All in all, we ask you to avoid "grouping" on campus, to always pay attention to the required distances and to also leave the campus quickly after the examination.

Are students or teachers with cold symptoms allowed to participate?Open areaClose area


As students, please refrain from taking the examination if you experience symptoms of illness.

In the case of symptoms of illness, teachers should immediately contact the Dean's office so that alternative supervision can be organised as quickly as possible. It is expressly forbidden for persons with symptoms of illness to enter the buildings of the TH Wildau.

Online exams

Why is it not possible to switch completely to online exams?Open areaClose area

Irrespective of the fact that, from a legal point of view, we have to create a presence alternative for every online examination (in order to also offer an examination option to students who cannot use a sufficient internet connection), the decision as to whether a digital variant is required from a subject/content point of view is the responsibility of the lecturer.

At the beginning of the last winter semester, the Vice-President for Digitisation and QM, among others, encouraged the lecturers to consider the possibility of a digital examination option.

Can online exams be as difficult as face-to-face exams?Open areaClose area

Each examination should take into account the circumstances of teaching and be adapted to the particular teaching and learning situation. If other statements have been made in this regard, it is recommended to contact the lecturers or - if this should not be possible - the respective programme spokespersons.

There is no wifi in the dormitory for online exams. What are the alternatives?Open areaClose area

Between 28 June and 10 July, part of the third floor will be reserved in the University Library for the sole use of students who wish to use the tutoring web app for online exams.

The nine workstations (with minimum distances) are numbered from No. 76 to 84 and can be reserved via or by phone via 508 123. Reservations can be made by name and hour via Nextcloud, and a check of the accuracy of the details is made in the trust.

Are remote exams also possible without a web app?Open areaClose area

According to the General Regulations, distance examinations without a web app are considered to be homework, since examinations take place under supervision according to § 8 (2).

Correspondingly, distance examinations without supervision are permissible if the module description provides for a term paper as the Form of examination. Otherwise, approval must be obtained from the Examinations Board for a change in the Form of examination (see §8 (8) of the General Regulations).

Withdrawal from an examination

What are the deadlines for withdrawing from an examination?Open areaClose area

Examinations within the framework of FMP

According to the General Regulations of the TH Wildau §20a (1)

Examinations within the framework of SMP

For the regulations within the framework of SMP, §20b of the General Regulations of the TH Wildau applies.

Examinations within the framework of KMP

For the regulations within the framework of KMP, §20c of the General Regulations of the TH Wildau applies.

What applies to unexcused or unregistered absences?Open areaClose area

An unexcused or unregistered absence from an examination is considered an examination attempt. The procedure thus corresponds to the usual procedure.


May the second attempt be more difficult than the actual examination?Open areaClose area

No, according to the General Regulations, examination attempts must be comparable in severity. Should anyone have a reasonable suspicion that this is not the case, the student should contact the Examinations Board with this concern.