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Study Success Teams

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Study Success Teams

What is a study success team?

In a success team, you are part of a group where you can find support, e.g. in case of motivation lows or in structuring learning content. A success team consists of up to six students who meet weekly with a facilitator from TH College to better achieve the study goals they have set for themselves.
Students in all degree programs, whether bachelor's or master's, from all semesters can sign up. The only requirement is that you attend the weekly meetings regularly and are serious about achieving your goals.
There are several reasons to sign up:

  • You don't implement or only partially implement the study tasks you wanted to complete. You can't find a start or keep getting distracted.
  • You realize that you are behind on your study assignments. This can concern the follow-up of lectures, working on exercises, preparing a presentation... and of course studying for exams.
  • You lack contact with other students and have a hard time motivating yourself alone.


What are the benefits of participating in a study success team?

You benefit from tips from the team and can better maintain your motivation by being involved in the group.
You work out your goals more clearly and overcome difficulties more easily. You'll turn your ideas into concrete actions and achieve what you set out to do.
And: If certain study tasks haven't gone well so far, you'll get ideas here to approach things differently and try something unfamiliar.



Please register via self-enrollment in the Moodle course "Study Success Teams".

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