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"Mir hat das Semester sehr viel Spaß gemacht und auch die 'Angst' vor dem Studium genommen." – Participant 2016


The pre-semester is a programme for study preparation, which is offered in the summer semester (March to July). This programme is aimed at all those, who 

  • would like to prepare for their studies in the summer semester alongside their work,
  • are professionally qualified, i.e., haven't acquired an Advanced Technical College Certificate and are aiming for a subject-relevant degree with a completed vocational training and two years of professional experience,
  • are working and several years have passed since they finished their studies,
  • would like to find out what a degree programme feels like and hope to break down barriers and/or
  • would like to get an idea of what life is like at the TH Wildau.



Which modules are taught?Open areaClose area

These modules are taught:

  • The mathematics module includes the repetition/review of fundamental mathematical knowledge obtained in the secondary educational levels I and II.
  • The scientific project helps prospective students get acquainted with study requirements, in which working techniques and project work are tested based on a scientific problem.
  • The physics module serves as a refresher/review of fundamental physics knowledge obtained in the secondary educational levels I and II (for engineering degree programmes).
  • The English module aims to reactivate English skills in both reading and listening comprehension as well as speaking and writing.

When?Open areaClose area

Registration for the 2019 semester is closed.

The next preseason is planned to take place in 2020.

Saturdays, from 8am to 4pm

Beginning: March 14, 2020

End: July 11, 2019

How much does it cost?Open areaClose area

The pre-semester 2020 is expected to be free of charge.




TH Wildau College

Birgit Sellmer (Leitung)

Susanne Dettmann (Studiencoaching & Frühwarnservice)

Johanna Gröpler (wissenschaftliches Schreiben)

Beate Schappach (Schlüsselkompetenzen)

Büro: Haus 13 Raum 211
Telefon:+49 3375 508 373
Mail: college(at)


College International

Studienbegleitung für internationale Studierende

Sabine Bucher (FBR INW)

Ekaterina Loskutnikova (FBR WIR)

Büro: Haus 100 Raum 005

Mail: college-international(at)

Im Rahmen des Projekts „Von Quantität zu mehr Qualität in der Internationalisierung: Strategiebasiert – Vernetzt – Serviceorientiert“ (vom DAAD gefördertes Programm HAW. International)