Mathmatics Consultation
Mathematik-Utensilien auf Schreibtisch vor Tafel mit Formeln

Mathmatics Consultation

The mathmatics consultation is available for students of the TH Wildau and for those interested in studying in Wildau.

Mathematics Consulting

The mathematics counseling is an individual counseling. It is available to students of the TH Wildau and to those interested in studying in Wildau. The counseling is free of charge for these target groups, as it is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture from the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg as part of the TH MINT + project.

The reason for such counseling can be various:

  • You want to study a subject that includes mathematics modules. You are not sure whether your previous knowledge of mathematics is sufficient for this.
  • You went to school a long time ago and you assume that you need to refresh your previous knowledge before studying. But how?
  • You find during your studies that you are having difficulty keeping up in mathematics. Your own strategies don't seem to be yielding sufficient success.
  • You have failed a math exam and wonder how you should prepare for the make-up exam.
  • ...


In the mathematics consultation, a suitable approach is worked out, e.g. a sensible sequence of the topics to be studied, taking into account which topics build on each other.
For an inquiry you can use the online form or write a short mail to Mrs. Jeremias. The dates will be arranged individually.


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