Learning Support
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Learning Support

During their studies, students receive support through, among other things, personal counseling, study skills courses, course-related offerings, and self-study materials

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Learning Support

You can also get personal counselling. There are various reasons for seeking learning counselling, e.g.

  • if you feel that you could learn more efficiently but do not know what you can improve.
  • when you feel you have a "mountain" in front of you and don't know where to start.
  • when "procrastination" becomes a problem.
  • if you cannot concentrate sufficiently or are too easily distracted.

Learning groups can also register for learning counselling, e.g. if the cooperation does not work well or the results of the joint work fall short of expectations.

Learning counselling is free of charge for students of the TH Wildau. You can contact Birgit Sellmer by email or use the online form for registration. After receiving your counselling request, Ms. Sellmer will contact you by email to arrange an appointment.

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	M.A. Birgit Sellmer

M.A. Birgit Sellmer M.A. Birgit Sellmer

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