Early warning service
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Early warning service

The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau has set up an early warning system to better support and assist students.

Background and general information

Experience shows, 

  • that the first two semesters have higher dropout rates than advanced semesters and
  • that difficulties in studying are visible in a low number of achieved credit points (abbr. CP) and on the basis of the maths grade in the semester.

Credit points are obtained during a degree programme for completed modules (generally 30 CP per semester during full-time study). If exam performances are not achieved in one or more modules, the student will not receive the corresponding credit points until the exam has been passed. If only half or less than half of the CP are achieved after the second examination period (examination weeks before the beginning of the semester), this points towards difficulties in studying. Since the current semester exams await in the following semester and then also the exams to be caught up on. 

Within the framework of the TH Wildau College project, we undertake a performance level measurement in the subject of mathematics in the first and second semester together with the early warning system.

By measuring the performance level, we hope to extend the early warning system and check the effect and success of the preparatory maths courses. With your confirmation of participation in the online portal, you agree that the management of the TH Wildau College can view your maths grades. The data is collected, analysed and anonymised at the end of the project on 31.12.2018.

Difficulties in studying have very different causes, professional or personal. The TH Wildau offers students solution-oriented, independent and individual advice, the “Study Coaching” . The objective is to support those seeking advice

  • get to the bottom of the causes and
  • to individually fathom the various options for action and solution approaches.

This is how it works:

Students in the first semester wanting to take part in the early warning system can confirm their declaration of consent for the early warning service by placing a tick there in the online portal.

The achieved CP as well as the maths grades of the students taking part are retrieved after the second examination period in each case during the first and second semester.

If 15 or less CP have been achieved, the student will be informed about the "Study Coaching" advisory service by email and invited to a consultation meeting.

The student decides whether they want to use this advisory service and confirms the proposed appointment if applicable.


You can withdraw your consent to participate in the early warning system and the performance level measurement at any time in writing or by sending an email to college(at)th-wildau.de.



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