Early Warning Service
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Early Warning Service

Wildau University of Applied Sciences has established an Early Warning Service to better serve and support students.

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Early Warning Service

Experience shows,

  • that the first two semesters have higher dropout rates than higher semesters and
  • that difficulties in the study program become visible by a low number of achieved credit points (abbreviation CP) and by the math grade in the semester.

The credit points are obtained during the course of study for the completed modules (usually 30 CP per semester in full-time studies). If examination results are not achieved in one or more modules, the student does not receive the corresponding credit points until the examination has been passed. If, after the second examination period (examination weeks before the start of the semester), only half or less than half of the CP have been achieved, this is an indication of difficulties in the course of study. This is because the current semester examinations are due in the following semester and then also the examinations that need to be made up.

Experience shows that many students have difficulties with mathematics modules. Therefore, the mathematics grade is also included in the early warning service. By confirming your participation in the online portal, you consent to the TH Wildau College administration gaining insight into your math grades. The data will be collected, evaluated and anonymized at the end of the following semester.

Difficulties in studying have very different causes, professional or personal. The TH Wildau offers students a solution-oriented, independent and individual counseling, the study coaching. The goal is to support those seeking advice to

  • to get to the bottom of the causes and
  • to individually explore the various options for action and approaches to solutions.

How it works:

Bachelor students who would like to participate in the early warning service can register for the early warning service in the online portal.

After the current examination period, the CP achieved and, if applicable, the math grades of the participating students are retrieved.

If 15 or less CP have been achieved, the student will be informed by e-mail about the counseling service "Study Coaching" and invited to a counseling interview.

The student decides whether he or she wishes to take advantage of this counseling offer and confirms the proposed appointment, if applicable.


The consent to participate in the early warning service and the performance measurement can be revoked at any time in writing or by e-mail to college(at)th-wildau.de.

	Susanne Dettmann

Susanne Dettmann Susanne Dettmann

Tel.: +49 3375 508 794
Email: susanne.dettmann@th-wildau.de
Web: www.th-wildau.de/studiencoaching
House 21, Room A1 05 Infopoint Studienberatung

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