Berlin-Brandenburg Accommodation Advice
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Berlin-Brandenburg Accommodation Advice

Berlin-Brandenburg Accommodation Advice

General Advice

The housing situation in the Berlin and Brandenburg region is difficult. The #1 piece of advice we have for you is to begin searching for accommodation as soon as you finalise your plans to come to the Academy (and have a confirmed spot).



Accommodation Advice

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As a general resource to find hotel rooms, is a popular tool here in Germany. You can also use it in English. There are options through Airbnb as well.

The campus of TH Wildau is conveniently located right next to the Wildau S-Bahn station ( which is on the S46 and S8 S-Bahn lines. So if you decide to find your own accommodations and would like to use the S-Bahn to reach us, we recommend choosing somewhere that is within walking distance of an S46 or S8 S-Bahn station.

*Please note* Construction on the S-Bahn is a somewhat frequent occurrence, especially over the summer, so we cannot predict if some lines will be closed or out of service come September or not. Please be sure to check the S-Bahn schedules closer to your arrival time.

Some S-Bahn stops include (with approximate travel times to Wildau):

S-Königs Wusterhausen: 2 minutes (south of Wildau)

S-Eichwalde: 7 minutes

S-Grünau: 12 minutes 

S-Adlershof: 16 minutes

S-Schöneweide: 21 minutes

S-Ostkreuz: 35 minutes

S-Neukölln: 35 minutes

S-Warschauer Str.: 38 minutes

There are many nice hotels closer to the centre of Berlin, but your journey time will be rather long (an hour or more), so our list includes accommodations that are within a 45 minute journey to the TH Wildau campus.

Here is a selection of possibilities, listed in order of proximity to Wildau. Previous guests have successfully stayed at these accommodations, but they may - or may not - fit your own needs. In addition, prices and availability change quickly, so please do your own research before finalising your plans:


Königs Wusterhausen (2 minutes)

Hotel Sophienhof: | 80€ - 100€ per night

Hotel Brandenburg: | 80€ - 120€ per night


Eichwalde (7 minutes)

Port Inn Hotel Eichwalde: | 90€ - 110€ per night


Grünau (12 minutes)

Grunau Hotel: | 120€ - 150€ per night

Hotel City Green Berlin: | 70€ - 90€ per night


Adlershof (16 minutes)

Essential by Dorint Berlin-Adlershof: | 100€ - 120€  per night


Neukölln (35 minutes)

Motel Plus Berlin: | 75€ - 110€  per night

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The following is a list of hostels where we have, in the past, been able to find rooms.

Please do your own research and inquire about availability and take into consideration your accommodation's location with regard to the S-Bahn:

  • Meininger Hotel (multiple locations in Berlin)
  • Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
  • Generator Berlin Alexanderplatz
  • Ballhaus Berlin Hostel
  • NeoHostel
  • RixHouse Hostel
  • BackpackerBerlin

Planning Accommodation Map