2nd Sustainability Day at TH Wildau on October 20, 2022
Gläserne Erdkugel auf Rasen.

2nd Sustainability Day at TH Wildau on October 20, 2022

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On October 20, the 2nd Sustainability Day of the TH Wildau will take place on the topic "Resources".

From 10 am -2:30 pm we invite you to participate in our event.



Program in auditorium 14-A001

10:00-10:10 WelcomeOpen areaClose area

Welcome by senate chair Marcus Frohme.

10:15-10:45 Status Quo of sustainable development at TH Wildau (Stefanie Martin)Open areaClose area

Our sustainability manager inform you about our current sustainability measures and goals and would like to engage in a conversation with you.

10:50-11:20 Fact checks (Group ESD/NUK)Open areaClose area

"Paper bags are environmentally friendly."

"Cotton bags are more sustainable than plastic bags."

"If a product is biodegradable, it can be disposed of in nature."

"Local apples have a better eco-balance than apples from New Zealand."

Together, we test the truth of statemenents like these and find out if the statements are true.

11:25-11:55 The CO2 footprint on the way to work and CO2 calculator at a glance.Open areaClose area

René Moritz ans Lars Radke will show you what influence the choice of transport has on CO2 emissions and which tools you can use to easily calculate them.

12:00- 12:30 Recognizing Greenwashing (Jan Marks)Open areaClose area

By greenwashing in advertising campaigns, companies try to give themselves an environmentally conscious and responsible image.

We show you which criteria you can use to recognize greenwashing in everyday life and thus avoid non-sustainable products.

Program in the Science Box

12:30-13:25 CO2 Calculators (René Moritz/Lars Radke)Open areaClose area

Discuss the topic of CO2 calculators with our experts and test various offers.

13:30- 14:25 Sustainability apps compared (Susanne Lutz)Open areaClose area

We will introduce you to various sustainability apps and show you areas of application and benefits.

14:25-14:30 GoodbyeOpen areaClose area